F. H. Kaysing Implements Descartes ACE in U.S. Customs & Border Protection's Simplified Entry Pilot

Descartes’ Customs & Regulatory Compliance Suite helps streamline F.H. Kaysing’s import filing process.

Waterloo, Ontario—May 7, 2012—Descartes Systems Group, which provides Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce, announced that U.S customs broker F. H. Kaysing Company (FHK) now uses Descartes’ certified Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) solution to participate in U.S. Customs & Border Protection’s (CBP) Simplified Entry Pilot. The Pilot enables participants to file a streamlined data set much earlier in the import process—providing greater time to identify security threats.

“FHK is committed to maintaining our distinctive identity as a proven leader in compliance and operational efficiency, and we are pleased to be participating in CBP’s Simplified Entry Pilot,” said Jeanie Metzen, President of FHK. “We have been using Descartes to file ACE entries since 2009 and recognized the high quality of their solutions and the service. We believe our ongoing positive relationship with Descartes was a key element in our selection for the Pilot and we look forward to continuing to drive innovation in the brokerage industry together.”

FHK was one of only nine brokers selected by CBP to participate in the Pilot in December 2011. Pilot participants submit a reduced amount of information consisting of 12 required, and three optional, elements to CBP prior to the arrival of air cargo. This Pilot eliminates the current entry, CBP form 3461, which requires 27 data elements. The Simplified Entry process also provides Pilot participants with the capability to update entry information after the original submission, which was not previously possible.  This provides CBP more accurate data and enhances cargo security while simplifying the merchandise release process and reducing costs for the trade.

“Our Customs & Regulatory Compliance suite is built on years of experience working with regulatory authorities and customers,” said Cindy Yamamoto, Senior Vice President Product Strategy at Descartes. “We are excited to be working with FHK on this Pilot and pleased that Descartes’ Logistics Technology Platform enables the brokerage industry to address a broad spectrum of filing requirements across transportation modes as new regulations evolve.”