CargoSmart Launches Business Process Outsourcing Services

Sha Tin, Hong Kong—April 25, 2012 — Software as a Service(SaaS) global shipping and logistics solutions provider CargoSmart Ltd. launched its business process outsourcing services for ocean carriers and logistics service providers (LSPs). The Virtual Business Center, a team of specialized representatives, uses business activity monitoring tools to manage documentation processes and sailing schedule maintenance for customers. CargoSmart’s new services enable companies to improve their customer service quality, increase operational efficiency and save costs.

The Virtual Business Center’s documentation services for ocean carriers and LSPs include digitizing shipping instructions from multiple file formats and generating electronic bills of lading. CargoSmart’s documentation services help carriers and LSPs:


  • Provide a consistently high level of service by consolidating documentation services from multiple regions or offices
  • Easily accommodate fluctuating documentation volume
  • Eliminate rekeying effort
  • Improve data accuracy
  • Manage exceptions with alerts for missing documents
  • Prioritize documentation processing based on due dates and VIP clients
  • Meet customers’ key performance metrics with fast and accurate documentation turnaround times

Global freight management provider Geodis Wilson selected CargoSmart’s documentation services to supplement its data management processes.

“High quality service differentiates logistics service providers in today’s highly competitive market,” said Victor Wong, Ocean Director, Geodis Wilson, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. “CargoSmart’s services help us achieve our high quality service commitment to customers, while controlling costs.”

In addition to processing documentation, the Virtual Business Center maintains pro-forma and current long-term, coastal and actual sailing schedules for carriers. The sailing schedule service improves schedule data quality with frequent updates and validates the data from Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), terminals, port agents and other sources.

International container transportation and logistics company, Hong Kong-based Orient Overseas Container Line Ltd. (OOCL), outsourced its documentation processes and sailing schedule maintenance to CargoSmart’s Virtual Business Center.

CargoSmart’s business process outsourcing services allow us to consolidate our documentation services from multiple offices and standardize our service levels,” said Stephen Ng, Director of Corporate Planning at OOCL. “The new data management processes enable us to maintain consistent, high quality services for our customers while increasing operational efficiencies.”

CargoSmart uses business activity monitoring tools customized for the shipping industry and employs specialized staff to effectively process high volumes of data for carriers and LSPs. CargoSmart’s Virtual Business Center added bill of lading processing and sailing schedule maintenance to its business process outsourcing services and plans to extend the range of its services in the future. The team currently processes over 10,000 shipping instructions from multiple carriers each week, converting hard copy and e-mail-based shipping instructions into digital format.

CargoSmart ensures the security of customers’ data by using multiple levels of access control and a secure hardware setup. Each Virtual Business Center representative has limited access rights and exposure to the data. CargoSmart’s production systems and customer information are hosted in a state-of-the-art data center operated by a neutral third party.

“Ocean carriers and logistics service providers can leverage CargoSmart’s business process outsourcing services to gain efficiencies and easily accommodate future growth,” said Kim Le, Director of CargoSmart North America. “We are pleased that Geodis Wilson and OOCL have chosen to outsource their data management processes to CargoSmart.”