Novation Announces Pharmaceutical Reverse Distribution Services Agreement

Agreement delivers member savings up to 50 percent

Irving, Texas—April 16, 2012— Healthcare supply contracting company Novation is launching a pharmaceutical reverse distribution services agreement—in conjunction with EXP Pharmaceutical Services Corp.—offered under its NOVAPLUS private label brand of pharmacy and medical-surgical products and services. 

“We are thrilled to add this time- and money-saving, necessary service to the NOVAPLUS private label line of products and services,” said Brent Gee, Senior Director, NOVAPLUS Brand Management, Novation. “This new agreement with EXP is an excellent example of how NOVAPLUS continues to deliver not only Novation’s greatest financial value to the members we serve, but also the benefit of efficiency.”

Beginning June 1, 2012, the NOVAPLUS/EXP Pharmaceutical Reverse Distribution Services agreement will offer members savings and value on compliant, efficient reverse distribution services. The agreement provides an estimated savings of up to 50 percent to the members and affiliates of VHA Inc., UHC, and Provista as well as firm pricing.   

This new service helps conserve resources and maximize returns by providing:

  • industry-leading knowledge of returned goods policies
  • service options including onsite support or self-shipping
  • online tools and resources to easily manage the entire returns process
  • compliant management of hazardous, DEA-controlled and nonhazardous pharmaceuticals