Con-way Truckload Fleet Gets In-Cab Navigation Equipment Upgrade

NaviGo system fleet-wide installment carries on

Joplin, Mo.—March 6, 2012Con-way Truckload (of Con-way Inc.), a full-truckload carrier and transportation services provider, now features Maptuit NaviGo technology in all company trucks and Qualcomm-equipped owner-operator tractors. The in-cab navigation upgrade follows a successful pilot study launched in September 2011.

Fleetwide integration will occur through a developmental period during which NaviGo systems will be individually tested in all trucks at the carrier’s Joplin, Missouri facility. The fleetwide installment and integration process will take an estimated six to eight months to complete.

“This is a significant upgrade of our navigation and communication capabilities that will raise the overall quality and efficiency of our operations," said Saul Gonzalez, Chief Operating Officer, Con-way Truckload. “By installing NaviGo in our trucks, we hope to improve safety performance, making life a little easier for our drivers and customers.”

The NaviGo system features several safety, accuracy, efficiency and cost benefits:

  • Increased driver safety
  • Advanced GPS fleet tracking helps drivers avoid hazardous situations and truck-restricted routes, including residential areas, dead-end streets, low bridges, historically dangerous intersections and U-turns
  • Clear 2D, 3D, and Driver Safety map guidance views
  • Load-specific routing with 30 Hazmat road classes and categories
  • Encourages hands-free directions and driver-centric features
  • Includes an intuitive, large, touch-screen interface with dynamic, near real-time moving maps and easy to view buttons
  • Displays route restrictions clearly with recognizable warning symbols
  • Provides millions of points of interests (POIs) including truck services, truck stops, rest areas, weigh stations and CAT scales
  • Spoken turn-by-turn truck-specific directions and automatic re-route calculation for missed turns
  • Increased driver efficiency
  • Near real-time monitoring, alerting and re-routing capabilities avoid costly detours and areas of traffic congestion
  • Route compliance and performance trend reporting features enable dispatchers to assess how well drivers are following route plans, improving on-time delivery and customer satisfaction
  • Reduced costs
  • Detailed route plans, based on vehicle size and load type, reduce tolls, fuel costs and ensure on-time deliveries
  • Reduced out-of-route miles increase fuel savings and contribute to Con-way’s sustainability efforts.