Avnet Electronics Marketing Launches Supply Chain Diagnostic Tool

RaBET tool allows customers to analyze their current supply chain expense allocation

Phoenix—Feb. 29, 2012Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas (of Avnet Inc.) launched its Rapid Benefit Estimation Tool (RaBET) for customers looking to reduce their supply chain costs. This free supply chain diagnostic tool enables customers to model the true cost savings they will experience by adding Avnet as their supply chain partner.

“For electronic equipment manufacturers, maintaining a competitive edge means continually reducing operating expenses and inventory costs without jeopardizing customer satisfaction,” said John Sanders, Director, Supply Chain Management, Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas. “With RaBET, users can easily calculate the impact that outsourcing their supply chain can have on their bottom line and proceed to engage us in deeper discovery conversations, already knowing their value targets.”

With the input of just a few data points, RaBET can calculate customer-cost benefits and savings by integrating Avnet into their supply chain. Users can compare their current supply chain expense allocation based on factors including: working capital, purchasing, warehousing, receiving, production, finance, operations and transportation. RaBET then shows how Avnet’s supply chain expertise can dramatically reduce costs in each area. Users can modify each category based on their own internal costing models and drill down on specific activities throughout their material supply process. Depending on the user needs, the tool includes four service solutions ranging from centralized supplier managed inventory programs to on-site consignment, in-plant store and proximity warehousing solutions executed within region or across the globe.

Once customers have generated their comparison reports, summary presentations are available for immediate download. Also, an Avnet supply chain representative can help further tailor a presentation to fit user needs and help them easily communicate Avnet’s value-add to their leadership team.