Esker Automates Machinery Supplier’s Documentation

Qualicaps selects Esker to automate critical business documents and streamline invoice processing

Madison, Wis.—Feb. 28, 2012 – Document process automation solutions provider Esker completed a technology project for the European division of Qualicaps, Madrid, Spain, a global supplier of two-piece capsules, machinery and technology.

The project consisted of two phases: the first involved the process automation of certificates of analysis and production documentation sent to customers; followed by the implementation of vendor invoice automation.

With over 60,000 documents produced yearly, Qualicaps was looking to automate the processing of critical business documents, production documentation and vendor invoices. Preceding Esker’s involvement, the production and printing of documents was very time consuming — requiring manual selection of different paper types, colors and sizes related to the 50 different document forms used by Qualicaps. Also prior to implementation of the Esker solution, Qualicaps’ Certificates of Analysis—generated by an IBM AS/400 system—were manually processed to pdf format in over 150 different layouts before conversion. Because of numerous review and approval processes from different staff members, changes were difficult to implement. As a result, Esker helped simplify this lengthy formatting and validation process through automation, reduced the number of layouts and enabled the electronic approval and archiving of documents.

To streamline the process, Esker technology—directly integrated into an IBM AS/400 system—formatted documents using modifiable rules created to meet Qualicaps’ requirements. Now, Qualicaps saves five hours daily on document processing.

Additionally, Esker improved Qualicaps’ reporting capabilities by generating reports directly from Crystal Reports. Enriched with graphics and capable of being archived electronically, these reports facilitate key decision-making practices and help Qualicaps benefit from an improved image in relation to its customers.

The second stage involved replacing the tools used to validate Qualicaps’ 9,000 yearly vendor invoices. Arriving by post or fax, vendor invoices had to be manually checked by several departments before final approval. Invoices were transferred by hand to each approver, which delayed payment. By leveraging the intelligent capture, electronic workflow and touchless processing capabilities of the Esker automated accounts payable solution, Qualicaps was able to consolidate its invoice approval workflow — improving overall efficiency, control and visibility.

Qualicaps’ scanned vendor invoices are now entered into an automated workflow for approval upon receipt. Intelligent data capture and optical character recognition (OCR) technology allow Esker to accurately extract and capture relevant information from the invoices, enabling Qualicaps’ accounting staff to view the extracted data and invoice images simultaneously. Invoices are then dispatched to the appropriate business units where authorized personnel receive timely alerts that prompt them to sign off on documents to meet payment deadlines.

“Thanks to Esker, we have seen a 70 percent reduction in the time from when an invoice is received, approved and paid,” said Jose Angel Martínez, IT Manager, Qualicaps, Europe. “Additionally, we have experienced a 70 percent increase in process management for a number of critical business documents resulting in enhanced efficiency in our commercial relationships with both customers and vendors. Our cash forecast visibility has vastly improved and our vendors receive payment more quickly—a win-win scenario for everyone.”