Provista Launches Supply Chain Management Tool

Provista Pro inventory management solution assists non-acute care providers

Irving, TX—Feb. 7, 2012—Provista, a provider of supply chain management and procurement services, launched Provista Pro, a comprehensive, inventory management solution to assist non-acute care providers.

Supplies comprise more than one-third of a non-acute care organizations’ expenses. The solution enables care providers to take control of its supply chain with instant access to all relevant data. It ensures that organizations are getting the best price available for supplies, coordinating prices among multiple customer locations. Provista Pro also helps reduce the amount of money invested in shelved inventory; simplifies the supply ordering process; and facilitates access between its GPO contracts and distributors, regardless of GPO affiliation.

“A non-acute healthcare provider doesn’t have to be a Provista member to take advantage of this strategic business tool,” explained Al Meyers, Vice President of Provista’s non-acute care market. “We recognize that most organizations don’t have dedicated supply chain professionals on staff. Provista Pro offers the insight and knowledge of a supply chain professional in an easy-to-use format, enabling administrators to take control of their supply chain and unlock the potential savings available to them.”

Provista Pro supports the provider’s efforts to gain clinical, operational and financial efficiencies. An available broad group purchasing contract portfolio of suppliers and distributors ensures consumers with high levels of customer service.

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