New Forklift Collision Awareness System Designed to Save Lives

Monitors risk areas with infrared and/or ultrasound sensors, detects motionless individuals

Atlanta, Feb. 6, 2012—Flow-Rite Safety Solutions Inc. today introduced CROSSING GUARD, the only forklift collision awareness system that requires the detection of two separate motions to trigger an alarm. By requiring two inputs, CROSSING GUARD reduces the occurrence of nuisance alarms. CROSSING GUARD also detects the presence of motionless individuals, which directly addresses a common cause of forklift accidents and fatalities. Flow-Rite unveiled CROSSING GUARD at MODEX 2012, a new expo for the manufacturing, distribution and supply chain industries.

“When we designed this product, we wanted to take the error out of human error,” says Dave Klumb, vice-president of sales and marketing, Flow-Rite Safety Solutions. “Unfortunately, as safety managers and industrial hygiene experts know, forklift operators and employees that routinely walk through a manufacturing plant or distribution center often become immune to warning systems that frequently sound false alarms. Also, there’s no widely used system that detects a person who is standing still and obscured from the forklift operator’s vision. CROSSING GUARD solves both problems, and it does so in an affordable, reliable, robust system. We’re confident that it will someday save a life.”

Multiple sensing technologies

CROSSING GUARD monitors a definable detection area with four adjustable sensors (see image) that completely cover the risk area. Depending on the location, sensors can be infrared and/or ultrasonic. In production pick up areas and other locations where infrared may be impractical, an optional weight-sensitive sensor model is available. All models sound an audible alarm coupled with a high-intensity LED alarms light. 

CROSSING GUARD uses a micro-processor that can collect and save sensor activities, aiding the investigation of an occurrence. This may result in additional training, changes in procedure and possibly a rearrangement of stored product to reduce collision potential.

The standard CROSSING GUARD system is powered by a low-cost, eco-friendly solar panel that trickle charges a rechargeable DC battery using energy from ambient warehouse light. A second battery triggers a low battery alert, warning that the primary battery needs recharge, repair or replacement. Customers avoid the cost, inflexibility and approvals needed for electrical wiring. As an option, CROSSING GUARD plugs into an existing low voltage power source.

Trial installation and product demonstrations are available, and Flow-Rite will provide a free on-site safety assessment during planning and design.

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