Datria Empowers Warehouse Supervisors to Drive Performance

Will provide architecture on iPad, iPhone and handhelds

Atlanta—Feb. 6, 2012—Datria Systems, Inc., a provider of voice-enabled solutions for the mobile workforce, announced it is voice enabling more and more warehouse supervisors to provide remote support through its Datria Voice Architecture (DVA). The announcement was made at MODEX 2012.

Warehouse and supply chain managers can monitor, configure and manage their Datria Voice deployments from anywhere via any device (e.g., iPhone, iPad, handheld or desktop).

A simple web connection provides access to managers’ Supervisor Dashboard and Voice Administration screens in order to monitor performance and respond to system configuration changes or updates. Because Datria leverages VoIP technology, supervisors can place a phone call to provide support and training assistance to employees from anywhere in the world. Utilizing a mobile phone, smartphone or soft phone (like Whistle or Skype), they can use third-party calling to call into employees’ voice calls and help them with trouble spots or monitor new hires as they learn the system. For example, three-way calling enables supervisors to join the transaction with the employee and the warehouse management system (WMS), helping guide the worker through issue resolution without having to leave the office or from the warehouse floor.

Likewise, employees experiencing challenges such as equipment malfunction can place internal calls to supervisors for faster incident resolution. VoIP enables both the supervisor and employee to be on the transaction together. With Datria’s powerful DVA technology and the growth of mobile technology, supervisors can now view system performance and real-time activities while also calling into the application and assisting workers through their workload.