Peruvian Supermarket Chain Implements SaaS WMS

Supermercados Peruanos S.A. adopts LogFire cloud-based solution

Atlanta—Dec.14, 2011—Supermercados Peruanos S.A. (SPSA), one of Peru’s largest supermarket chains, implemented LogFire cloud-based SaaS WMS at its new distribution center located in the Southern region of Lima.

The implementation of LogFire WMS only took only four months until go-live and provides SPSA with complete Tier 1 capabilities. During that period, LogFire also worked on redesigning logistical processes and integration with SAP’s existing ERP system. Since then, SPSA has increased efficiency levels, including productivity and service.

“The selection of LogFire’s WMS for SPSA was the right fit for us as they exceeded our expectations in three major areas of importance: performance, security and pricing. LogFire provided us a mature, robust solution with the right scalability for our future growth,” said SPSA’s CIO, Fernando De Los Rios.


SPSA’s Vice President of Supply Chain, Gabriel Ortiz, added, “LogFire’s SaaS model provided us the necessary flexibility to extend our supply chain and implement a new distribution center with a Tier 1 WMS solution right before the end of year peak season, which was our major goal. LogFire was able to train and certify our operators with new functionality and processes never before used at SPSA.”


These new processes also included running LogFire’s WMS on mobile tablets that are used throughout the warehouse, which allowed an increase in the quality of communication and the elimination of work stations, improving efficiency and productivity.


According to LogFire’s Founder and CEO, Diego Pantoja-Navajas, “LogFire was able to meet the tight timeline required to complete SPSA’s project; this challenge allowed us to demonstrate our determination and the aspects that make us different from traditional companies in these industries. Benefits in decreased start-up costs, reduced implementation timelines, continuous system upgrades at no additional cost and quality customer service, are evident.”



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