Celsis Rapid Detection Launches Enhanced Software

Innovate.im v5 software helps dairy, food and beverage companies work more efficiently

Chicago—Dec. 12, 2011—Celsis, which provides rapid microbial testing systems for industry, released a new and enhanced version of Innovate.im software for the Celsis Innovate system that is used worldwide by dairy, food and beverage manufacturers to screen products for microbial contamination. The Celsis Rapid Detection system shortens product and ingredient testing times from 4-14 days to as few as 24-48 hours. 

“Faster testing cycles help manufacturers be more responsive to customers, prevent contamination from spreading and reduce costs for inventory and warehousing,” said Scott Scdoris, Director of Food & Beverage for Celsis. “The new Innovate.im software also provides secure, remote and real-time access to testing data, so company executives are better prepared to monitor and respond to potential consumer health risks.”

Mary Kamm, director of research and quality at Byrne Dairy, said, “The new Celsis Innovate.im software allows us to more efficiently manage test results from our complex operations; thereby allowing us to ensure the highest standards of product quality for our customers. In particular we benefit from the new Celsis software being compatible with the new Windows operating systems, allowing us to upgrade our laboratory computers.  It is also compatible with our LIMS system, allowing for efficient data transfer to our quality assurance testing database.”

Manufacturers of packaged dairy, food and beverage products that are expected to be free of microbial contamination can benefit from the rapid, absence/presence results offered by the Celsis system. The new software update provides additional support for high-volume packagers, allowing multiple instruments to write data to a single, searchable database.

Additional features of the new software include updated graphical user interface; improved database querying capabilities; new plate preparation features; beverage/juice protocols; new user-definable data fields; and an updated on-screen menu.

For more information, visit www.celsis.com.