Next Generation of Automated Sortation and Order Retrieval

OPEX Corporation launched OPEX Sure Sort X with OPEX Xtract, its newest automated sorting and order retrieval solutions.

Opex Sure Sort
OPEX Corporation

OPEX Corporation launched OPEX Sure Sort X with OPEX Xtract, its newest automated sorting and order retrieval solutions.

"OPEX remains dedicated to innovations that align with the evolving demands of the market," says Alex Stevens, president of warehouse automation at OPEX. "We have received feedback from our customers that they want one integrated solution to sort, retrieve, and automatically get the product into its final container. Our new solutions, Sure Sort X and Xtract, are a response to those requests. This cutting-edge technology is designed to automate multiple manual tasks with a simple, one-touch solution.”


Key takeaways:


  • OPEX Sure Sort X represents the next generation of high-speed, automated sorting. This universal system can handle nearly 100% of customer-sortable items weighing up to 20 pounds and sort items into a configurable array of mixed bin sizes and types.
  • When Sure Sort X is paired with Xtract―OPEX’s revolutionary new automated order retrieval system―the task of retrieving totes and transferring their contents into shipping containers is now fully automated as well. The result is a one-touch solution that can eliminate the need to manually sort and transfer boxes downstream.
  • Developed based on feedback from the international business community, Sure Sort X applies OPEX Corporation’s innovative, industry-leading Sure Sort technology. Sure Sort X can handle items 60% smaller, nearly 20% larger, and up to 300% heavier than its predecessor, all while maintaining a consistent throughput of up to 2,100 items per hour.
  • The system’s iBOT delivery vehicles utilize sophisticated motion algorithms that allow them to maneuver throughout the system efficiently, with the ability to change destination in real time while in transit. These iBOTs can drive in and out of the system while Sure Sort X continues to run, ensuring the highest level of uptime and availability. In addition, Sure Sort X can operate in both chilled and ambient environments. Installation can occur in as little as one week.
  • OPEX Xtract can be added to any Sure Sort X system by introducing retrieval iBOTs to work in conjunction with the traditional sortation iBOTs found in Sure Sort X. Xtract iBOTs move in a loop that has both horizontal and vertical segments within the Sure Sort X aisle, and can handle up to 200 extracted totes per hour. All of the iBOTs are self-charging and can easily be added to or removed from the system.