Solutions Company Leans into Warehouse IoT Through Innovation Hub

As IoT becomes more prevalent in warehousing due to e-commerce growth, Smart Warehousing launches an innovation hub for idea cultivation.

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Supply chain technology creator Smart Warehousing targets a spot as a leader in fulfillment with a new innovation hub in its Kansas headquarters. The new center will allow Smart Warehousing to create new innovations while also letting partners test out equipment in a 500,000-square-foot attached warehouse for real-world proofing. The new innovation hub comes after Smart Warehousing moved its headquarters in August.

Per PR Newswire:

  • After moving its headquarters to Overland Park in August, Smart has been slowly transitioning its old HQ into a testing and training facility where it perfects proprietary software and automated tools in real-time. Because the Innovation Hub is connected to one of Smart's national warehouses, the company can immediately implement the updates in-house.
  • The Innovation Hub perfects its technology through a six-step process: project focus and alignment with company vision, research, concept development, concept testing, impact measurement, and rollout. This launch solidifies Smart's emphasis on technology and automation moving forward.
  • Along with many wearables, the Innovation Hub will include testing and development of data-capture devices, machine-learning devices, and automated robotics to streamline the picking, packing, and shipping process.