Modern Themes Push the Supply Chain Forward

Growing themes in the supply chain will help create a more resilient future despite the unstoppable disruptions currently seen.

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It’s the September issue of Supply and Demand Chain Executive and this one particularly excites me because we’re really tackling modern topics head on. It is our second annual Women in Supply Chain Award, which continues to awe me as our team here at SDCE pours through the numerous accomplishments from these women. The leadership qualities they possess kept our supply chains moving throughout not just an unstoppable pandemic, but endless new disruptions that occurred throughout this entire year. While I’d like to think that it is an everlasting theme to see women in the supply chain instead of a modern theme, it certainly is timely as we’ve seen the number of women working in this industry skyrocket recently.

Another timely theme touched upon in the September issue is the cannabis sector, which I focus on as this issue's cover story, in addition to expert columns that hone in on particular details such as pest control for cannabis warehouses and compliance. In my years covering the cannabis supply chain, I’ve witnessed this sector grow from taboo to a mainstream industry with extreme revenue potential. There will be many kinks in the road as this modern industry continues to flourish, but the supply chains in the cannabis world can be a promising essential business.

With greater inclusion throughout the entire supply chain workforce, new industries like the cannabis sector, technology growth and sustainability initiatives, I look forward to the future of supply chain. Yes, it is a rough time right now. But the supply chain is resilient and will continue on. Together, we can work to bridge these gaps to see a stronger future, and to do so we need to continue tap these themes I’ve just mentioned.

We’re also coming out with great new and innovative content here at SDCE, along with the evolving supply chain we also will evolve. I am excited to show you what we have going on here. Stay tuned for a great new era of the supply chain and SDCE