2013 SDCE 100



Acorn Systems Inc.Enabler: Acorn Systems Inc. (Houston, www.acornsys.com)
Customer: Fortune 500 wholesale distributor
Project: The objective of the project was toprovide client with accurate customer, supplier and item profitability insights to drive better business decisions and higher profitability.
Solutions/Services: Acorn’s Performance Analyzer
Business Impact: The Acorn solution provided the client with a detailed and comprehensive way to analyze and model their business for future growth and profitability. A total annual savings of $7.7M was identified, through vendor negotiations ($3.5M), customer profitability actions ($1.4M) and facility productivity ($2.8M). Implementation of improvements would net the client more than $1M in annual profit.


Enabler: Amber Road Inc. (East Rutherford, N.J., www.amberroad.com)
Customer: Sandvik Aktiebolag
Project: Sandvik is a Stockholm, Sweden-based high-technology engineering group that develops and supplies a wide range of tools, equipment and services in five business areas. The challenges are intensified for divisions in regulated fields with fast-changing restrictions and requirements.
Solutions/Services: Amber Road’s Export On-Demand solution
Business Impact: The first two business areas to implement Amber Road’s solution mitigated their trading risk on a global scale and reduced the time spent on export compliance. With improved visibility into worldwide trade taxation, the group expects to reduce costs through better use of free trade agreements and import duty differentials.


Aravo Solutions Inc.Enabler: Aravo Solutions Inc. (San Francisco, www.aravo.com)
Customer: Global 50 manufacturing and services firm
Project: To create a single global repository for accurate supplier information to reduce proliferation of records, provide clear spend visibility, reduce costs and track compliance data, certifications and contracts to mitigate supply chain risk.
Solutions/Services: Aravo Supplier Information Management (SIM)
Business Impact: “Aravo SIM provides us with a globally accessible application for the management of critical information around our supply base and allows us to syndicate the information to our various purchasing, payables and other systems so that we can have one coordinated view of all supplier activity and commitments.”— Manager Corporate Initiatives Group Global Procurement.


Avercast LLCEnabler: Avercast LLC (Rexburg, Idaho, www.avercast.com)
Customer: Navico Inc.
Project: To consolidate and analyze sales forecasts and inventory requirements collaboratively
Solutions/Services: Avercast Business Forecasting, Avercast Supply Planning, Avercast Sales Forecasting
Business Impact:Avercast has given us the ability to forecast at multiple levels of our product and/or customer hierarchy. This flexibility greatly facilitates our forecasting process. The querying ability in SQL Server allows us to create custom reports and metrics to support the beginning of our Sales, Operations & Inventory Planning process.”—Tim Rohr, Demand Forecast Manager.


Enabler: Basware Inc. (Espoo, Finland, www.basware.com)
Customer: Leading pharmacy and healthcare provider
Project: A United Kingdom-based community pharmacy operator with more than 1,700 locations needed to improve AP department efficiency to address a projected increase in the volume of invoices without adding resources.
Solutions/Services: Basware Invoice Automation, Basware e-Invoicing solutions, Basware Supplier Activation Services, Basware Supplier Portal
Business Impact: Costs have been cut and invoice processing efficiency increased. AP productivity also increased by 40 percent without additional headcount; and the average employee processes 129,000 invoices per year.


BizSlate Inc.Enabler: BizSlate Inc. (New York, N.Y., www.bizslate.com)
Customer: Miz Mooz
Project: Miz Mooz, a small footwear distribution business, faced a common problem: a lack of available ERP solutions for the small distribution industry.
Solutions/Services: BizSlate ERP
Business Impact: Miz Mooz successfully added 300 new pairs of shoes into BizSlate in less than four minutes as opposed to four days previously. Additionally, by using BizSlate ERP on iPads and laptops, Mix Mooz can view inventory in real time and take orders from customers without the need to synchronize disparate systems.


Blue Ridge Inventory Group LLCEnabler: Blue Ridge Inventory Group LLC (Marietta, Ga., www.blueridgeinventory.com)
Customer: Procurator
Project: Swedish retailer/wholesaler Procurator worked with Blue Ridge to improve in-stock performance; reduce inventory levels; and revamp the purchasing process by implementing a demand forecasting, replenishment and analytics system.
Solutions/Services: Blue Ridge Demand Forecasting and Replenishment; Blue Ridge Supply Chain Analytics
Business Impact: In the first eight months after implementation of Blue Ridge supply chain solutions, Procurator increased service levels to 94 percent and reduced the stock levels from 127M Swedish Kronor (19.3M USD) to 100M SEK. They have since improved those results to 97 percent service level achievement; reduced inventory by 25 percent; and increased turns to 6.5.


CargoSmart Ltd.Enabler: CargoSmart Ltd. (Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong, www.cargosmart.com)
Customer: Fortune 500 retailer
Project: To manage sailing schedules, bookings, shipping instructions and visibility through one location
Solutions/Services: CargoSmart’s transportation management solutions
Business Impact: Customer streamlined its inefficient export processes and consolidated multiple data streams onto a single platform. It experienced immediate results garnered with their export operations offices managing their shipments more efficiently through the supply


Celsis InternationalEnabler: Celsis International (Chicago, www.celsis.com/rapid)
CoValence Laboratories
Project: Shorten the wait for micro-results from third-party lab’s use of traditional test methods.
Solutions/Services: Celsis Rapid Detection system (instrument, software, reagents, support)
Business Impact: CoValence reduced the quarantine wait time on finished goods from six days to two days without sacrificing quality or safety to allow faster shipping and earlier invoicing.


Choice LogisticsEnabler: Choice Logistics (New York, N.Y., www.choicelogistics.com)
Customer: VITAL Network Services Inc.
Project: Design and implement a support solution for a global foodservice retailer with more than 14,000 U.S. locations.
Solutions/Services: Installed configuration stations and high-speed communication lines in more than 20 strategic stocking locations (SSLs) to customize replacement gateway devices prior to shipment.
Business Impact: Reduced time required to deliver and install a replacement device from two-day or next business day replacement to four-, eight- or 24-hour replacement, seven days a week.


Demand SolutionsEnabler: Demand Solutions (St. Louis, www.demandsolutions.com)
Customer: Global CPG company
Project: Supply chain planning software; to help client develop a repeatable and scalable forecasting process by replacing Excel-based process and introduce a statistical one to manage large and growing SKU counts.
Solutions/Services: Demand Solutions Forecast Management, Demand Solutions Pipeline, Demand Solutions View
Business Impact: Tangible improvements included a 20 percent service level increase; and a 15 percent increase in forecast accuracy for in-season products.


DiCentralEnabler: DiCentral (Houston, www.dicentral.com)
Customer: Neiman Marcus
Project: The Neiman Marcus Group needed to optimize the omni-channel supply chain across all the company’s divisions. They also wanted to use current technology, including mobile platforms, to modernize the brands and provide better customer service.
Solutions/Services: A testing and certification process for Neiman Marcus vendors and a UPC catalog for all divisions.
Business Impact: A sales lift, a spike in online sales; the ability to manage order cancellations much more effectively; and improved customer service by giving customers a seamless shopping experience through product visibility across all five divisions.


Enabler: enVista (Carmel, Ind., www.envistacorp.com)
Customer: Beauty products retailer
Project: A plan to analyze the impact of each supply chain variable and correlate the variables to either improved service or reduced working capital.
Solutions/Services: Advanced analytics and simulation to better understand how supply chain variability, order policies, lead times and order frequencies impacted service and cost; a merchandise planning and forecasting solution
Business Impact: Reduced inventory levels; improved inventory allocation and speed to market; improved customer service; capitalized on more sales opportunities; improved competitive advantage.


Epicor Software Corp.Enabler: Epicor Software Corp. (Dublin, Calif., www.epicor.com)
Customer: Oliver H. Van Horn Company Inc.
Project: To implement strategic pricing—a rule-based pricing architecture module.
Solutions/Services: Epicor Prophet 21 with Strategic Pricing
Business Impact: After introducing Strategic Pricing for all but its contract customers, Van Horn experienced a 12 percent increase in profit. Additionally, price overrides were reduced by 65 percent; and the company reached a wider customer base and gained greater profits.


Enabler: E2open Inc. (Foster City, Calif., www.e2open.com)
Customer: Motorola Solutions
Project: To design and build a solution for seamless information sharing, exception handling and closed-loop process management.
Solutions/Services: E2open’s any-to-any, cloud-based platform, which facilitates trading partner collaboration; process execution with management-by-exception capabilities; and consolidated reporting and analytics.
Business Impact: Motorola Solutions onboarded more than 1,200 trading partners to its collaboration solution, with more than 5,000 users actively collaborating on the platform. It improved on-time deliveries by two-to five percent; reduced critical parts shortages by 20 percent; and reduced response times from weeks to hours.


Fieldglass Inc.Enabler: Fieldglass Inc. (Chicago, www.fieldglass.com)
Customer: Global healthcare provider
Project: To shorten the cycle time associated with approving timesheets and work orders.
Solutions/Services: Fieldglass VMS.
Business Impact: Reduced timesheet cycle time by one-and-a half days. With 16,500 temporary workforce timesheets approved in this timeframe, the efficiency savings is equivalent to 24,750 days of saved transaction time. In addition, work order cycle time was reduced by two days.


Fortna Inc.Enabler: Fortna Inc. (West Reading, Pa., www.fortna.com)
Customer: Retail apparel company
Project: To develop alternative models to optimize transportation and service to both stores and eCommerce customers.
Solutions/Services: Distribution Network Strategy Distribution Center Design Distribution Center Implementation FortnaWCS
Business Impact: Fortna helped this apparel retailer develop a five-year plan to manage multi-channel growth. It improved customer satisfaction by decreasing “order-to-truck” processing time by 50 percent; reduced returns processing costs; and enabled international orders.


GHXEnabler: GHX (Louisville, Colo., www.ghx.com)
Customer: Anne Arundel Medical Center
Project: To leave paper-based contracts and manual price updates to automate contracting and purchasing and increase electronic data interchange (EDI) utilization.
Solutions/Services: GHX Business Solutions, GHX Exchange
Business Impact: Increased supplier divisions it transacts with from 158 to 267; increased POs transacted through GHX from 53 to 1,230; increased PO lines transacted through GHX from 415 to 5,744; and lowered contract price exception rate from 10.1 percent to 1.2 percent; and more.


Global 4PLEnabler: Global 4PL (Santa Clara, Calif., www.global-4pl.com)
Customer: Global 2000 computer manufacturer
Project: To set up the legal entity process in 14 countries for such customers and work with all their local customs brokers.
Solutions/Services: Combination of WMS /TMS and Visibility for International shipments; set-up 14 depots in country to deliver replacement units next day.
Business Impact: Global 2000 computer manufacturer offers their customers same day replacement in-country, which saves 72 percent on expedited transportation cost.


HubwooEnabler: Hubwoo (Paris, France, www.hubwoo.com)
Customer: CONSOL Energy Inc.
Project: To address decentralized broken processes and drive efficiencies into the procurement process to exceed a goal of $25 million ROI in three years.
Solutions/Services: The Business Network by Hubwoo including modules: Catalog Manager, Search, Match & Approve, which are integrated to SAP SRM 7.0 and SAP ECC 6.0
Business Impact: $25 million in ROI and cost savings from its eProcurement/SRM project and reached a best-in-class invoice match rate of 96 percent, eliminating manual intervention and taking advantage of early payment discounts.


Intesource Inc.Enabler: Intesource Inc. (Phoenix, www.intesource.com)
Customer: Retail grocery chain
The Project: The client’s main focus was on maximizing EBITDA. One of the ways they accomplished this was to make reverse auctions an integral part of the procurement process.
Solutions/Services: E-Sourcing tools and services including identifying e-sourcing opportunities, event strategy and event setup and facilitation
Business Impact: The company implemented an e-sourcing team that reviews almost every purchase to evaluate if it's a viable e-sourcing category. The project savings reached more than $2.3 million. To date, identified savings tops $10 million.


IQMSEnabler: IQMS (Paso Robles, Calif., www.iqms.com)
Customer: Nicolet Plastics Inc.
Project: To reduce total order to delivery time of parts by 14 days (from 21 days to seven days); reduce finished goods inventory; and respond to unexpected changes in demand without service degradation.
Solution/Services: EnterpriseIQ, the manufacturing ERP and MES software solution from IQMS.
Business Impact: A reduction of finished goods inventory from $500,000 in 2008 to an average of $200,000 in 2012. The customer also reduced lead time by seven days; and an improved working capital position (from lower inventory) enabled debt pay-down.


Isotrak Inc.Enabler: Isotrak Inc. (San Diego, www.isotrak.com)
Customer: Large food retailer
Project: Supply chain efficiency
Solutions/Services: 3iSFleetVision
Business Impact: Retail customer can not only reduce wait times at vendors and distribution centers but achieve a best-in-class supply chain. Ongoing project’s proposed benefits also include achieved “just in time” deliveries; closely aligned compare plan versus actual plan with actual performance; advanced notice on true ETA; follow-up on rush orders with live updates on ETA.


John Galt Solutions Inc.Enabler: John Galt Solutions Inc. (Chicago, www.johngalt.com)
Customer: Top consumer goods manufacturer
Project: The company needed to implement a software solution to move from a reactive supply chain model to a more proactive method.
Solutions/Services: John Galt Solutions Atlas Planning Suite: Demand Management, Inventory Management, Planning Portal.
Business Impact: Within a year of implementation, the company increased forecast accuracy 20 percent. Demand and supply planning functions were combined into a single role to save money on staff and improve supply chain visibility. A 20 percent revenue growth from new products and promotions was achieved.


Enabler: JVKellyGroup Inc. (Huntington, N.Y., www.jvkg.com)
Customer: Fortune100 information company
Project: To harmonize data to reduce professional services costs on a global basis with out reducing quality of services.
Solutions/Services: JVKellyGroup analytic tools and proprietary benchmark intelligence.
Business Impact: By implementing these strategies, and without a disruption in services, customer reduced expenditures 26 percent in year one across the board.


KinaxisEnabler: Kinaxis (Ottawa, www.kinaxis.com)
Customer: TriQuint Semiconductor
Project: To enable TriQuint to get a true inventory projection and improve their ability to respond to changes in supply and demand.
Solutions/Services: Kinaxis RapidResponse
Business Impact: TriQuint experienced inventory reductions before the solution even went live. Within a few months, RapidResponse enabled TriQuint to assess the impact of demand and supply variation in a matter of minutes (down from days). With faster access to better data, the planning team is now able to focus on more strategic initiatives.


Liquidity Services Inc.Enabler: Liquidity Services Inc. (Washington, D.C., www.liquidityservicesinc.com)
Customer: Fortune 500 OEM
Project: OEM had been selling refurbished products to a limited group of distributors via a single partner. This had a negative impact on new-product position and brand perception.
Solutions/Services: Online marketplaces, WMS, brand protection, sorting and shipping, customer fulfillment
Business Impact: Results included increased recovery by 20 percent in first six months; over 500,000 units sold in first year; expanded offline business buyer base by 70 percent to 450 buyers through transparent B2B channels.


LogilityEnabler: Logility (Atlanta, www.logility.com)
Customer: Caribou Coffee
Project: To develop accurate visibility to drive a more efficient supply chain operation, right-size inventory, improve customer service and xpand its product sales.
Solutions/Services: Logility Voyager Solutions
Business Impact: Caribou operates above 99 percent service levels; inventory turns increased 35 percent; and obsolete inventory significantly decreased. Logility Voyager Solutions allowed Caribou to manage with more accuracy and responsiveness and helped the team move from monthly to weekly demand planning and forecasting.


Logistix SolutionsEnabler: Logistix Solutions (Herndon, Va., www.logistixsolutions.com)
Customer: Nationwide foodservice distributor
Project: To determine the optimum warehouse/distribution facility location based on both inbound and outbound transportation costs and service factors.
Solutions/Services: Logistix Solutions’ Logix Distribution Network Design software application.
Business Impact: The Logix model, with its integrated Fleet Optimizer, was able to optimize both private fleet and LTL transport costs. The ROI of the project was immediate due to the relatively low cost of the software and the quick turnaround of the project requiring less than eight weeks to complete.


Magliner Inc.Enabler: Magline Inc. (Standish, Mich., www.magliner.com)
Customer: Watkins Distributing Sales and Service
Project: To improve efficiency to most effectively deliver product to customers.
Solutions/Services: CooLift Delivery System: CooLift delivery cart and up to 35 or more CooLift pallets.
Business Impact: 50 percent reduction in driver product touches because drivers can deliver product on smaller CooLift pallets, which can carry up to 50 cases, without the need to down-stack product onto a hand truck for final product delivery.


NeoGridEnabler: NeoGrid (Chicago, www.neogrid.com)
Customer: Leading OTC Pharma manufacturer
Project: Customer logistics team needed a balanced approach to systems and process standardization rolled out quickly to multiple retailers.
Solutions/Services: Secure cloud-based delivery of Collaborative Managed Inventory services, as well as VMI and CPFR capabilities in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.
Business Impact: Increased sales opportunities through improved service stock levels, significant reduction in OOS and at-risk inventory while improving service levels. Increased visibility and less damaged and returned inventory.


Resilinc Corp.Enabler: Resilinc Corp. (San Francisco, www.resilinc.com)
Customer: Network security company
Project: Supply chain resiliency
Solutions/Services: Supply chain mapping, event monitoring and proactive mitigation planning
Business Impact: Client gained proactive visibility into potential ongoing supply chain risk areas including sub-tier dependencies, across its manufacturing operations. By identifying and quantifying single points of failure, client proactively plans for and mitigates potential disruptions.


Retrotech Inc.Enabler: Retrotech Inc.: (Victor, N.Y., www.retrotech.com)
Customer: Large food company
Project: Modernization of food processing facility’s existing automated material handling workflows.
Solutions/Services: A main portion of the solution included replacing and upgrading the controls hardware and software that were discovered to be responsible for poor performance and long downtime periods.
Business Impact: The combined workflow solutions along with replacing the proprietary equipment resulted in reduction of maintenance labor by approximately 60 percent and increased on-time deliveries from 70 percent to more than 99 percent. The improved solutions also allows for appropriate scheduling of preventive maintenance, so the time required to perform preventive maintenance no longer requires overtime or third shift.


Riverwood SolutionsEnabler: Riverwood Solutions (Menlo Park, Calif., www.rwsops.com)
Customer: Lighting Sciences Group Corp.
Project: To implement improved systems and processes for demand managment within the client company and its globally-based EMS partners.
Solutions/Services: MRP; Microsoff AX as ERP; S&OP; Quality Management; Six Sigma; Product Data
Business Impact: RWS implemented KPI and reporting systems: QBR process with suppliers, standardized CTB, E&O, shortage reports, and OTD and cost tracking on 100 percent of active suppliers. Moving air freight to ocean freight, improving packaging, reducing the level of scrap at suppliers, assessing and improving efficiency in manufacturing by redesign of floor layout and work cells and driving processes to reduce inventory resulted in a 10 percent total cost reduction for key components; and yielded an approximate savings accomplished in different areas of between $8M to $12M.


Silvon Software Inc.Enabler: Silvon Software Inc. (Westmont, Ill., www.silvon.com)
Customer: Global dairy product producer
Project: To provide better supply chain visibility and forecasting capabilities to a leading dairy products producer and distributor with $300 million in gross annual sales.
Solutions/Services: Silvon’s Stratum applications for sales analysis, inventory performance management and statistical forecasting.
Business Impact: The dairy product producer’s forecast accuracy improved by eight percent to 98 percent. It also decreased operating expenses; reduced spoiled products; and shortened forecasting time.


Source One Management Services LLC.Enabler: Source One Management Services LLC. (Willow Grove, Pa., www.sourceoneinc.com)
Customer: Global pharmaceutical company
Project: To create a strategic sourcing department, reduce spending and implement procurement controls for growing global pharmaceutical company.
Solutions/Services: Source One’s metrics & tracking system; eSourcing; procure-to-pay (P2P); supplier management; mechanism for supplier evaluation
Business Impact: The shared services team gained traction throughout the organization once word spread about its capabilities and engaged with marketing, packaging, IT, and patient health. The new sourcing group tackled over 50 highly strategic projects in its first eight months and produced several million dollars in savings.


Steelwedge SoftwareEnabler: Steelwedge Software (Pleasanton, Calif., www.steelwedge.com)
Customer: MetroPCS
Project: To create a robust methodology involving modeling, algorithms and collaborative forecasting that could truly assess “what-if” impacts for promotional options.
Solutions/Services: Steelwedge S&OP
Business Impact: MetroPCS has a complete view in an enterprise class solution allowing for accurate viewing of the SKU item master. As such, if prices change and a new SKU comes into the mix, it all goes into the system.


SYSPRO USAEnabler: SYSPRO USA (Costa Mesa, Calif., www.syspro.com)
Customer: 1000Bulbs.com (formerly known as Service Lighting and Electrical Supplies)
Project: 1000Bulbs.com selected SYSPRO ERP software to facilitate growth, control transactions and enhance customer service.
Solutions/Services: SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning software
Business Impact: SYSPRO allows 1000Bulbs.com to manage the back-order process and all other information that goes into an order. 1000Bulbs.com had record shipping activity for December 2012. It experienced several days during which 2,700 orders were shipped in an eight-hour shift, a company record.


Thrive Technologies Inc.Enabler: Thrive Technologies Inc. (Marietta, Ga., www.thrivetech.com)
Customer: Matco-Norca
Project: Thrive set up interfaces with the existing Epicor Eclipse ERP system to automatically get updated with inventory data like inventory balances, open orders, and demand history.
Solutions/Services: Thrive Technologies cloud-based SaaS inventory forecasting and replenishment system.
Business Impact: After 14 months, Matco-Norca reduced inventory by 30 percent; improved line fill rate by eight percent; improved seasonal forecasting; and increased customer service.


Thrive Technologies Inc.Enabler: Trace One Inc. (Boston, www.traceone.com)
Customer: Walgreen Co.; and large top two retailer
Project: Supply chain collaboration & product lifecycle management (PLM).
Solutions/Services: Trace One Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Business Impact: Trace One delivered upstream supplier visibility and performance management for retail/CPG company.


Enabler: Treya Partners (Westlake Village, Calif., www.treyapartners.com)
Customer: Electrical products manufacturer
Project: To implement a strategic sourcing project, including 14 direct-spend and five indirect-spend categories.
Solutions/Services: Strategic sourcing services; transportation and inventory optimization services; pre-negotiated (GPO) contracts; procurement organizational assessment services; and procurement training services.
Business Impact: The strategic sourcing project addressed approximately $200 million in procurement spend and created more than $14 million (seven percent) in annualized cost savings. The procurement assessment also identified and prioritized key elements of the client's operating model which would need to be addressed to ensure long-term compliance and sustainability of benefits.


XchangingEnabler: Xchanging Procurement Services (Chicago, www.us.xchanging)
Customer: Defense contractor
Project: Strategic procurement; the primary business objective was to control the cost of employees’ device needs and wireless data plans through centralization, consolidation and negotiation.
Solutions/Services: Xchanging Procurement Services provides end to end source to pay services for its global customers by offering procurement solutions that help organizations deliver exceptional performance that aligns to their business objectives.




Enabler: ABAS Ibérica (Madrid, Spain, www.abas.es)

Customer: Ruffini S.A. (Barcelona)

Project: ABAS integrated Ruffini’s auto-gration message into the existing ERP system to make the data accessible from within the ERP interface.


Enabler: Accellos (Colorado Springs, Colo., www.accellos.com)

Customer: Europa Worldwide Logistics

Project: Accellos allowed Europa to tailor the production processes and provide an extremely high level of efficiency for a new wine retailer that was switching to e-commerce.


Enabler: AFN LLC (Niles, Ill., www.loadafn.com)

Customer: Leading plastic packaging manufacturer

Project: AFN built deep relationships with reliable carriers to allow it to exceed expectations with high quality service.


Enabler: Amazing Print Technology (Toronto, www.amazingprint.com)

Customer: Top print franchise

Project: Provided unique user interface to match existing branding and existing Website, while preserving client conversion rates that are available in eCardBuilder system.


Enabler: Agistix (Redwood City, Calif., www.agistix.com)

Customer: Fortune 500 food company

Project: Integrated data feeds from several client ERPs & WMS’s; created data normalization standards; correlated order data to shipment data; and centralized order and shipment data.


Enabler: Ariba Inc., an SAP company (Sunnyvale, Calif., www.ariba.com)

Customer: Mediafly

Project: Dynamic discounting allowed buyers to accelerate payments for approved invoices to key suppliers in return for discounts.


Enabler: Aspen Technology Inc. (Burlington, Mass., www.aspentech.com )

Customer: $14 billion global healthcare company

Project: Implemented Aspen Supply Chain Planner, which creates an optimal monthly plan that takes in various complexities and constraints.


Enabler: Avendra LLC (Rockville, Md., www.avendra.com)

Customer: 1859 Historic Hotels

Project: Designed flexible change management plan to suit client needs; delivered proactive reporting intelligence, effective training, issue resolution and foundation for sustained cost savings.


Enabler: Blue Sky Technologies (Waxhaw, N.C., www.blueskytech.com)

Customer: Staples

Project: Staples gained real-time, triggered event management and alerting for when specific operational metrics were outside of their defined tolerance criteria.


Enabler: C2FO (Fairway, Kan., www.C2FO.com)

Customer: Costco

Project: Helped Costco redeploy its short-term cash into accounts payable. Within the first 120 days it realized over $1 million in new income through early cashflow delivery.


Enabler: C3 Solutions (Montreal, www.c3solutions.com)

Customer: KeHe Distributors

Project: After implementing online dock scheduling system, KeHe first piloted C3 Reservations at one of their busiest warehouses, after which they rolled out eight additional sites.


Enabler: Cadec Global Inc. (Manchester, N.H., www.cadec.com)

Customer: Ahold USA

Project: Cadec integrated with Ahold’s TMS to measure and manage fuel consumption; provide real-time data on all assets; and allow real-time messaging between drivers and dispatch.


Enabler: Corbus LLC (Miamisburg, Ohio, www.corbus.com)

Customer: Fortune 50 Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) corporation

Project: Corbus managed all of the non-strategic projects and vendors to allow the client buyers to focus only on the strategic spend, ensuring that the overall purchasing strategy was followed.


Enabler: Core Solutions Ltd. (Hong Kong, www.coresolutions.com)

Customer: Eurogroup

Project: Eurogroup (Hong Kong) required a Web-based solution to automate and centrally manage their sourcing process, from concept to delivery.


Enabler: Descartes Systems Group Inc. (Waterloo, Ontario, www.descartes.com)

Customer: United States Infrastructure

Project: USIC wanted to become a more fact-based organization and made the decision to implement a comprehensive, on-demand routing and mobile workforce management solution from Descartes.


Enabler: Digital Reality (Houston, www.digitalfactory3d.com)

Customer: Kraftwurx

Project: Connecting consumers, manufacturers and retailers for 3D printed e-commerce, eliminating inventory and producing products locally.


Enabler: DSSI LLC. (Louisville, Ky., www.directsourcing.com)

Customer: Large heavy manufacturing company

Project: Strategic sourcing initiative on eight of client’s largest volume commodity categories. By focusing spend on fewer manufacturers, the key distributors were able to reduce their warehousing costs while improving delivery timing.


Enabler: Elemica (Exton, Pa., www.elemica.com)

Customer: INEOS Olefins & Polymers

Project: The project centered around the enablement of electronic orders, inventory and shipment and shipment instructions through integration between INEOS and their trading partners and service providers.


Enabler: Ernst & Young (London, www.ey.com)

Customer: NIVEA India Private Ltd.

Project: The next step of Nivea’s rapid growth will be ramping up supply chain capabilities and building a robust organization and systems that can support long-term growth.


Enabler: FORTE (Mason, Ohio, www.forte-industries.com)

Customer: Leading quilted handbag and accessories company

Project: The newest addition to FORTE’s Smart Warehouse Suite, Warehouse Simulation, was deployed prior to implementation to help accurately forecast system performance by creating “real” conditions that strained every element of the automated warehouse.


Enabler: Gatewit (Lisbon, Portugal, www.gatewit.com)

Customer: Ministry of Health

Project: The internal and external procurement process was modernized to meet the new public contract code for health sector procurement.


Enabler: Greybeard Advisors (Pittsburgh, www.greybeardadvisors.com)

Customer: Fortune 500 process industry leader

Project: Completed a comprehensive assessment, business case and multi-dimensional transformation roadmap that created executive awareness and executive support for a strategic role.


Enabler: GT Nexus (Oakland, Calif., www.gtnexus.com)

Customer: Pfizer

Project: “Virtualized” supply chain so that suppliers, customers and transport providers can track and trace the movement of materials anywhere using a cloud platform.


Enabler: HICX Solutions (London, www.hicxsolutions.com)

Customer: Managed service provider staffing firm

Project: Established a consistent process for onboarding new suppliers and ensuring the timely collection of required documents and information; streamlined workflows for reviewing and approving new suppliers.


Enabler: HighJump Software (Minneapolis, www.highjump.com)

Customer: Batteries Plus

Project: Implemented WMS at the 100,000-square-foot distribution center in Milwaukee to fit client processes and meet federal regulations.


Enabler: Honeywell International Inc. (Morristown, N.J., www.honeywell.com)

Customer: Honeywell Aerospace

Project: Put a structured program management discipline in place to work e-auctions, including identification of a cohesive quote package, validation of interest from multiple suppliers in bidding, trend and cost analysis.


Enabler: IASTA (Carmel, Ind., www.iasta.com)

Customer: AOL Inc.

Project: Iasta Executive Analytics Suite installed to track organizational savings, performance by business unit, ROI, and project cycle time. Sourcing solution gave visibility into every project.


Enabler: Ingram Micro Mobility (Santa Ana, Calif., www.ingrammicro.com/mobility)

Customer: Global mobile communications carrier

Project: End-to-end device lifecycle solution improved poor wireless device returns that were squeezing operator margins within their North American branch.


Enabler: Insight Inc. (Manassas, Va., www.insightoutsmart.com)

Customer: Global CPG company

Project: INSIGHT's SAILS is a strategic and tactical supply chain planning tool that the company uses to model various processes and operations in order to determine the best solution.


Enabler: International Asset Systems (IAS) (Oakland, Calif., www.interasset.com)

Customer: Global transportation and logistics company

Project: IAS’ cloud-based DispatchManager application provides customer with the needed connectivity, monitoring, tracking and visibility to container events across North America, replacing the previous methods of fax, phone and email.


Enabler: JDA Software Group Inc. (Scottsdale, Ariz., www.jda.com)

Customer: Butterball LLC

Project: The planning horizons transitioned from very short-term focused to longer-range planning. Today, the information is presented in a visual format where the planners can focus more on the process, exception monitoring and longer range planning, including date-sensitive inventory.


Enabler: Junction Solutions (Denver, www.junctionsolutions.com)

Customer: Manufacturer of novelty confections

Project: Implementation of wireless warehouse included rearranging warehouse; changing process at production to affix new barcodes; and new barcode insertion throughout warehouse to identify products at different levels via handheld scanners.


Enabler: LeanLogistics (Holland, Mich., www.leanlogistics.com)

Customer: Supplier and solutions provider to food service, in-store bakery and retail marketplaces

Project: Leveraging the LeanLogistics Transportation Network to obtain additional carrier and capacity options, planning load consolidation and carrier optimization.


Enabler: Manhattan Associates (Atlanta, www.manh.com)

Customer: Nature’s Best

Project: Implemented a supply chain solution that optimized operations, increased efficiency and created a distribution model that could be replicated in other regions with minimal customization.


Enabler: Murphy Warehouse Co. (Minneapolis, www.murphywarehouse.com)

Customer: Ohio garage door component company

Project: Shared 3PL flexible space leasing under a “moveable wall” lease basis, which gave the company the space flexibility they need as well as a fixed cost reduction.


Enabler: Next Level Purchasing Association (Pittsburgh, www.nextlevelpurchasing.com)

Customer: Membership, all industries

Project: The Next Level Purchasing Association designed four courses to comprise the SPSM3 Certification. While students who pursued the SPSM Family of Certifications are able to apply these courses towards SPSM3 Certification, courses can be taken by any purchasing professional looking to develop their skills.


Enabler: NGC Software (Miami Lakes, Fla., www.ngcsoftware.com)

Customer: Evy of California

Project: Evy implemented NGC's PLM/SCM software to streamline design/development and to more carefully manage its sourcing. In addition to price, Evy evaluates suppliers based on turnaround time; access to materials; specialized experience; and commitment to social responsibility and ethical sourcing.


Enabler: OnTrac; LaserShip (Phoenix, Ariz., www.ontrac.com; Vienna, Va., www.lasership.com)

Customer: Newegg.com

Project: To reduce transportation costs as well as provide better service to its customers, Newegg added OnTrac and LaserShip to its transportation carrier portfolio to achieve greater flexibility in its business operations.


Enabler: Plan4Demand Solutions (Pittsburgh, www.plan4demand.com)

Customer: Global wine and spirits company

Project: Matched the system design to meet the special needs of the business and designed early hands-on customized training via conference room pilot scenarios for end users to ensure seamless transition and implemented new KPI hierarchy.


Enabler: Prime Advantage Corp. (Chicago, www.primeadvantage.com)

Customer: Cres Cor

Project: Through its Prime Advantage membership, Cres Cor leveraged relationships with its supplier network of direct and indirect goods and services to position itself for continued growth and success at a time when many equipment makers are making cuts.


Enabler: Prorizon Corp. (Kennesaw, Ga., www.prorizon.com)

Customer: West Coast entertainment company

Project: Integrated SaaS solution with customer’s core purchasing and asset management systems to provide visibility and controls for the assets as they traverse each location.


Enabler: Quintiq Inc. (Radnor, Pa., www.quintiq.com)

Customer: Aurubis Stolberg

Project: Creating a streamlined scheduling system for the complex intricacies of Aurubis, Quintiq developed precise scheduling for every order. By reducing the work in process levels by 15 percent, Aurubis’s lead times were shortened by several days.


Enabler: Retalix (Zarhin, Israel, www.retalix.com)

Customer: Metcash

Project: Retalix Yard Management, Dock Scheduling and Transportation Web portal offer distributors instant visibility over their yard operations; and can help logistics and distribution center managers concurrently supervise activities in multiple yards or DCs from a central location.


Enabler: The Shelby Group (Schaumburg, Ill., www.theshelbygroup.com)

Customer: Top 10 financial services institution

Project: The Shelby Group built a new strategy for evolving current highly customized and decentralized supply chain risk management systems into a comprehensive, best-in-class Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) solution for Vendor Risk Management.


Enabler: Smart Software (Belmont, Mass., www.smartcorp.com)

Customer: Metro-North Railroad

Project: With the need to cut $82 million in inventory, the railroad implemented SmartForecasts in the second quarter of 2011. Using a small sample of its parts inventory, the initial phase of the implementation quickly identified levels of potential savings.


Enabler: Sparta Systems (Hamilton, N.J., www.spartasystems.com)

Customer: Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Project: Sparta Systems’ TrackWise Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS) allowed Ferring to run a more streamlined and efficient complaint management and reporting system across the globe.


Enabler: SPS Commerce (Minneapolis, www.spscommerce.com)

Customer: DollarDays International

Project: DollarDays uses SPS’ Universal Catalog Service to manage its vendor files. It meets the challenge of dealing with more than 40 categories of vendors and Excel spreadsheets in every type of format.


Enabler: Stamps.com (El Segundo, Calif., www.stamps.com)

Customer: Stamps.com

Project: From a centralized dashboard at a company headquarters, the account administrator can run reports detailing activity throughout the entire organization, including postage expenses by user, department, office location, mail class or even special services.


Enabler: Stryker Sustainability Solutions (Tempe, Ariz., www.sustainability.stryker.com)

Customer: Stryker Sustainability Solutions

Project: Stryker made it easier for hospitals to do business with reprocessors. Coupled with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Stryker’s On Demand allows customers to conduct all procurement transactions electronically.


Enabler: Take Solutions (Chennai, India, www.takesolutions.com/scm)

Customer: Leading oil & gas provider

Project: Take Solutions improved shipment collaboration and confirmation with suppliers to decrease the number of out of tolerance shipments. The solution requires suppliers to validate specific order information against the ERP system prior to shipment.


Enabler: Tools Group (Boston, www.toolsgroup.com)

Customer: Cipla Medpro

Project: Cipla Medpro turned to ToolsGroup to outsource its forecasting, inventory and replenishment planning. Not only did the solution meet the functional requirements, but the SaaS “rental” option was less expensive and lowered risk. Implementation was accomplished within 30 days.


Enabler: TradeStone Software (Gloucester, Mass., www.tradestone.com)

Customer: Fortune 300 discount and variety retailer

Project: TradeStone Merchandise Lifecycle Management solution suite’s iterative process called on the technology’s capabilities in the order they were needed for their sourcing and production management. The retailer got both a faster rollout and a leaner, better-fitting solution.


Enabler: Transplace (Dallas, www.transplace.com)

Customer: Dal-Tile Corp.

Project: Working with Transplace, Dal-Tile, which ships the equivalent of 11,000 truckloads of heavy tiles from Mexico to the U.S., identified the opportunity to combine shipments of its dense tile with other companies’ bulkier, less-dense freight to improve cubic use on trailers, containers and boxcars.


Enabler: Tyco Retail Solutions (Schaffhausen, Switzerland, www.tycoretailsolutions.com)

Customer: Fortune 500 retailer

Project: By leveraging Tyco’s Inventory Visibility platform, featuring RFID, the retail customer gained accurate, real-time, item level inventory visibility for all tagged merchandise across all of its 800 stores and multiple distribution centers.


Enabler: Vocollect (Pittsburgh, www.vocollect.com)

Customer: Fox Head Inc.

Project: Fox needed a picking system that matched its explosive growth (35,000 SKUs across multiple channels). Its RF scanning paper-based picking system just didn’t work. Vocollect Voice supports picking, replenishment, cycle-counting, slotting, receiving (Europe), and soon, packing.


Enabler: Xplore Technologies (Austin, www.xploretech.com)

Customer: Carrier

Project: The HVAC company added Xplore tablets to mount on their forklifts, in conjunction with RFID scanners, to alert warehouse workers of any problems. The software also allows the operator to know when trailers are loaded.


Enabler: Zycus (Princeton, N.J., www.zycus.com)

Customer: Leading biopharmaceutical company

Project: The customer implemented Zycus’ iAnalyze and iSave to classify spend data and identify savings opportunities; and to help forecast savings, track opportunities and give a company-wide picture of the savings.




At the request of the project enablers mentioned below, come client names and specific details related to projects will remain confidential and instead list client name descriptors and project type in parentheses.

Avnet Inc.: (Security software; warranty/service field replacement unit (FRU) program)

Cadent Resources: (U.S. lighting manufacturer; sales & operations planning)

CombineNet: (Leading beverage company; sourcing: ground and ocean transportation)

Corporate United: (Fortune 500 insurance company; background checks cost savings)

Deposco: (Vacuum systems; WMS implementation)

E-LYNXX Corp.: (Higher- and continuing-education system; procurement)

ET2C International: (Retail startup; supply chain process development)

4flow AG: (Fortune 500 tier-one automotive supplier; TMS)

4SIGHT Supply Chain Group: (Fortune 500 consumer electronics manufacturer; WMS implementation)

Genpact Ltd.: (Fortune 500 manufacturing major; account management)

GEP: (Global healthcare company; sourcing & sourcing support services)

IHS: (Multiple global customers; information and analytics)

InfinityQS International: [Global beauty products manufacturer; statistical process control (SPC) implementation in the filling process]

InmarInmar Inc.: www.inmar.com (Tobacco products distributor/manufacturer; product retrieval, compliance)

Insight Sourcing Group: (Financial services; procurement and sourcing)

Insite Software: (Corrugated packaging company; e-commerce)

Integration Point: (Apparel/footwear manufacturer; export compliance and screening automation)

Lucas Systems: (Food service company; voice-directed warehouse solution)

Netwin Solutions: (Large automotive company; compliance)

NPI: (Outdoor goods retailer; IT spend optimization)

Optricity: (Australian 3PL; warehouse slotting optimization project)

PINC Solutions: (Fortune 500 truck manufacturer; advanced yard management system)

Puridiom: (Entertainment & resorts company; procure-to-pay solution)

Terra Technology: (Fortune 500 CPG company; forecasting solution implementation)

TraceLink: (Large pharmaceutical company; global track & trace)

UltraShip TMS: (Poultry producer; TMS)

Zionex: (Fortune 500 manufacturer; supply chain planning solution implementation)

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