Supply & Demand Chain Executive Announces 2012 Annual Green Supply Chain Award Winners

Sustainability reigns top of mind for leading business’s supply chain strategies

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Fort Atkinson, Wis.Nov. 13, 2012—Implementing sustainable business practices are no longer a question of “if” as much as “how.” Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine, the industry’s executive user manual for successful supply and demand chain transformation, today announced the recipients of the 2012 “Supply & Demand Chain Executive Green Supply Chain Awards.”

Utilizing renewable energy, minimizing waste and maximizing facility and solutions lifespan are all components that leading companies in supply chain increasingly enforce. This year's fifth annual awards recognize small, mid-size and large enterprises that leveraged green practices and solutions to further drive sustainable improvements in their supply chain.

“Leading companies recognize that initiating sustainable practices in their supply chain processes is key towards driving their competitive edge in today’s recovering economy,” said Barry Hochfelder, Editor, Supply & Demand Chain Executive. “This has been increasingly evident over the past few years and is relatively clear with the increased number of entries we received this year for our annual green awards. The increased adoption of green best practices and strategies will only continue to grow.”

Increased consumer awareness and demand, government regulations and corporate business responsibility are among a few of the many drivers leading more companies today to incorporate green practices within their business.

Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s “Green Supply Chain Awards” spotlight the different sustainable approaches that global businesses take to cut costs, save time, drive revenue and improve their carbon footprint in the areas of product lifecycle management (PLM), order demand capture, sourcing, technology & integration infrastructure, procurement and other areas of the supply chain.

“Our readers are implementing sustainable initiatives within their business processes—and they want to know that other leading companies in supply chain are also with them in the same approach,” said Hochfelder. “Our goal is to honor those companies in our annual awards and credit them with the recognition they deserve. Taking that first step—knowing where to start when initiating a ‘green’ plan in ones business—it’s not always the easiest thing to do. We honor this year’s top 57 recipients for recognizing that there is a need for supply chain sustainability processes and for contributing to this practice with their global, eco-friendly industry actions.”

The businesses included in this year’s fifth annual “green” awards demonstrated their sustainability best practices in a variety of examples, some of which include manufacturing goods using recycled materials; using alternative fuel vehicles; and working to pass on sustainability best practices further down their supply chain to distributors, third-party providers and other key moving parts.

Supply & Demand Chain Executive is proud to list this year’s “green” award winners here.

Accellos; AFN LLC; Agility Logistics; ArrowStream; Basware; Cadec Global; CAPS (Container and Pooling Solutions); Cascades (Quebec); Casestack Inc.; Cass Information Systems; Celestica (Toronto); Combe Inc.; C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc.; Crown Equipment; DCL Corp.; DHL Express; DSC Logistics; eBuilder (Kista, Sweden); Elemica; enVista; Evergreen Line (Tapai, Taiwan); Forte; Frialsa Frigorificos (Mexico City); Genesis Solutions; Global4PL; Hermann Services; Horizon Lines Inc.; IHS; Inmar; InnerWorkings, Inc. (INWK); Insight; International Asset Systems (IAS); Invoiceware International; Kane Is Able Inc.; Kenco; Layer Saver; LogiServe; Maersk Line; The McGraw-Hill Companies; ModusLink Global Solutions; National Retail Systems; Next Generation Logistics; New York City Housing Authority; Novation; Ocean Spray; Paylode; Performance Team; Procurian; Prorizon; Quest Resource Management; Ryder System Inc.; Saddle Creek Logistics Services; ShipXpress Inc.; Skyworks Solutions; Source One Management Services; Spinnaker; Syspro; T-Mobile USA; Tyco Retail Solutions; Vodafone (UK).

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