Asendia Releases New E-Commerce Delivery Service

As customer delivery expectations vary from one country to another, and from one purchase to the next, retailers need to seamlessly offer shoppers a range of delivery choices.


Asendia unveiled e-PAQ, its global parcel and package delivery service aimed at online retailers selling internationally. 

Developed following extensive customer research, e-PAQ will enable international retailers to reach customers in over 200 countries, offering a game-changing level of delivery experience. e-PAQ will replace all Asendia’s previous Goods products and will be available from 1st January 2021. 

As customer delivery expectations vary from one country to another, and from one purchase to the next, retailers need to seamlessly offer shoppers a range of delivery choices. e-PAQ provides a selection of options, to meet different customer expectations. 

e-PAQ has four tiers, catering to shoppers’ delivery needs, with a range of criteria based on speed, price, format, weight and features. These are e-PAQ Standard, e-PAQ Plus, e-PAQ Select and e-PAQ Elite. 

Marc Pontet Chief Executive Officer, Asendia Group, says, “As our world becomes increasingly connected, choosing the right partner to help meet logistical and technological challenges is crucial for retailers building a customer base worldwide. We’re continually looking at ways to help e-commerce businesses grow; our goal is to make e-commerce easy and reliable worldwide.”

Renaud Marlière Chief Business Development Officer adds, “The global e-commerce market and customer expectations have changed dramatically since 2012, when Asendia was established, and we’ve always evolved to meet them. As part of our commitment to providing the best e-commerce experience possible, we conducted extensive research in the USA, Europe and Asia. After considering the feedback and internal analysis, we have renewed our current products, developing e-PAQ, a fresh, modern and easy-to-understand offer.”

e-PAQ also helps retailers meet their sustainability commitments, as they work towards minimising their carbon footprint.

Commenting on Sustainability, Marlière stated, “Sustainability is a strategic priority for us, and I am incredibly proud to say that we offset all our transport CO2 emissions within Europe. We also offset the carbon footprint of journeys from Europe to other continents, excluding the first-mile and the last-mile. For France and Switzerland, we are able to provide 100% carbon neutral delivery if shipments are directly added into the La Poste and Swiss Poste networks. Looking forward, we are committed to investing more time and resources to further offset our carbon emissions.”

Here is more detail on the e-PAQ product range:

e-PAQ Standard – a delivery service; ideal for low-value purchases. This product offers basic milestone tracking and longer delivery times. e-PAQ Standard is a simple e-commerce solution with worldwide coverage. It includes a weight limit of two kilograms and is available in two formats, ‘Standard’ and ‘Priority’.

e-PAQ Plus – the budget-friendly solution offers additional peace of mind provided by tracking. e-PAQ Plus is an easy-to-use e-commerce solution with worldwide coverage. Offering low rates and the value provided by the postal network, it’s perfectly suited to retailers just starting to sell to shoppers in other countries. e-PAQ Plus offers a simple solution, available worldwide, with tracking for most destinations and a two kilograms weight limit. 

e-PAQ Select – offers excellent value for a fast, fully-tracked parcel service, available for shipping to all of the world’s key e-commerce destinations. This offers many of the features of an express courier service without the price tag and is available for packages up to 30KG. 

e-PAQ Elite – offers the fastest and most comprehensive delivery experience of the Asendia e-commerce range, with packages delivered by postal and commercial specialists with customs prepaid and paid at destination options available. e-PAQ Elite offers optimized tracking performance and provides cost-effective, express delivery for packages up to 30KG.