CEVA Logistics and Emmelibri Launch C&M Book Logistics

CEVA Logistics Italia and Emmelibri have renewed their partnership to provide logistics services for another 12 years.

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CEVA Logistics Italia and Emmelibri have renewed their partnership to provide logistics services for another 12 years. The new contract provides for the launch of a jointly owned business named C&M Book Logistics SrL - aimed at developing an innovative book logistics and distribution centre in Italy through the project.

CEVA Logistics and Emmelibri have been collaborating since the 1990s, and since 2013, CEVA Logistics has been in charge of the physical handling of the products distributed by Messaggerie Libri through the logistics hub, City of Books, at Stradella in Pavia. Emmelibri, through its subsidiary Messaggerie Libri, is the most important, independent Italian distributor of publishing materials; its reputation has been based, for over 100 years, on punctuality, reliability and constant commitment to improving the quality of service.

The two companies, leaders in their respective fields of activity, have been working on this ambitious and far-sighted project, with the aim of creating one of the most modern and avant-garde logistics warehouses in Europe.

The new venture

To implement the new project, C&M Book Logistics has been created, whose equal partners are CEVA Logistics Italia (a fully-owned subsidiary of the CMA CGM Group, a world leader in shipping and logistics.) and Emmelibri (a company 100% controlled by Messaggerie Italiane).

The Chairman and CEO of the new company will be Christophe Boustouller - CEO of CEVA Logistics Italia, while the Vice Chairman will be Renato Salvetti - CEO of Messaggerie Libri.

The mission of the new Company will be to manage the existing City of Books site and also to oversee the extensive two year investment programme turning it into an automated site.

A logistics site dedicated to Emmelibri

The new contract provides City of Books to be entirely dedicated to the Company's logistics needs. Following a EUR 40 million investment, the extended 80,000 sqm will house one of the most modern automation systems in Europe - which will be installed by the Austrian company TGW. Construction work will take almost two years, and the plant will be operational at the beginning of 2023.

"We are pleased to announce the birth of the new company, 'C&M Book Logistics' in partnership with CEVA Logistics Italia, for the development in Italy of a new era in the physical distribution of books at a national level". - says Alberto Ottieri, VP and Managing Director Messaggerie Italiane and CEO Emmelibri. "Among the most important objectives of this partnership we worked on with Roberto Miglio, Managing Director of Holding Messaggerie Italiane, was the entry of the Messaggerie Group into a strategic sector such as logistics and consequently the search for innovation in the distribution field, which has always been at the heart of our activities. In order to face the challenges of the future and the important investments in automation necessary for the competition of the future, we consider the partner CEVA Logistics Italia the best choice for the long years of partnership and the international dimension".

Adds Christophe Boustouller, CEO of CEVA Logistics Italia "I am very proud and satisfied with this agreement with Emmelibri. This partnership marks the beginning of a new chapter for us, but also for all publishing logistics - a dynamic, competitive and increasingly research and innovation-driven sector. Thanks to this new partnership - supported by our parent company CMA CGM - we will be able to face the challenges of the future by combining our expertise and know-how with a new perspective, which looks to tomorrow by working on today". "I want to thank MELI for having accompanied us over the past ten years as a true partner and for having decided to join us for the next 12 years in this new project. A special thanks also goes to the whole team at CEVA Logistics Italia, and to the workers of the La Città del Libro, to whom I am happy to be able to give a long-term future horizon".