AccuWeather Joins the HERE Marketplace to Increase Distribution and Reach New Segments

HERE Technologies announced that AccuWeather has joined the HERE Marketplace to sell weather-related information that has several use cases.

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HERE Technologies announced that AccuWeather has joined the HERE Marketplace to sell weather-related information that has several use cases.

The HERE Marketplace is a hub for global location data exchange and a means to accelerate data-driven innovation. With AccuWeather, both parties are yielding mutually beneficial results: HERE contributes the platform and qualified business connections while AccuWeather contributes its robust data products. Furthermore, AccuWeather can now leverage HERE’s expertise, reputation and global relationships in several industries to accelerate its penetration and growth into these markets. 

“We look forward to using the HERE Marketplace for an additional sales and distribution channel to tap the growing ecosystem of partners, customers and developers across several sectors,” said David Mitchell, AccuWeather VP of Digital Media and Emerging Platforms. “We are attracted to the HERE Marketplace for its ability to enable consumers to find data that is meaningful to them through a secure, anonymized, and transparent manner.”

Sanjiv Ghate, Vice President and Head of Marketplace at HERE Technologies said, "We are excited to announce that AccuWeather brings to the Marketplace their historical, current and forecast weather conditions, which allows customers to leverage this data in their solutions or combine it with other rich content available on the Marketplace from HERE and third parties to build compelling geospatial solutions. The partnership further underscores the HERE Marketplace as the destination for all location services and data needs.”

A few examples include:

  • Automotive: High and low temperatures can affect electric vehicle (EV) range, making access to current and forecasted temperatures valuable for trip planning and recharging. Combining temperature predictions with anonymized location data enables drivers to make more informed decisions about how far to travel with their current charge as well as plan when and where to recharge during a trip in-progress.
  • Transportation & Logistics: Understanding wind gust patterns on open stretches of highways helps fleet managers and truck drivers know which portions of their route could overturn their vehicles and negatively impact cargo loads and successful deliveries. Threats of severe weather also enable truck drivers to select the optimal route to their destination, ultimately improving ETAs and keeping costs down, while keeping drivers and their cargo protected.
  • Public Sector: Determining the strength, speed and direction of wind currents informs responders and firefighters where fires could spread and data into how to potentially combat them. 
  • Micro Mobility: Access to current and future radar, plus precipitation, in near-real time along a route lets riders exposed to the elements in motorcycles, bicycles and scooters plan when and where to take cover or reroute to avoid heavy rains.

  • Retail: If retailers have an early understanding of long-term weather forecast changes, then they can make more informed decisions about how and when to best display and advertise their products.  For example, if fall temperatures are expected to hit early, then retailers can plan to display and market their products at the optimal time.
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