Menzies Aviation Expands Real-time Tracking Network for Air Cargo with Descartes

Descartes Core BLE readers capture the movement of ULDs that have either Descartes or third-party BLE tags attached.

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Descartes Systems Group announced that Menzies Aviation is deploying Descartes Core Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) readers at all cargo facilities globally. This expands the Descartes Core BLE Network used to track international mail, parcel and cargo shipments in real-time via the Descartes Core Unit Load Device (ULD) Tracking solution.

“As a global logistics specialist, Menzies is dedicated to embracing new technologies to provide market-leading service to our airline customers,” said Robert Fordree, Executive Vice President of Cargo, Menzies Aviation. “By introducing ULD tracking with the Descartes solution, we can offer customers a higher standard of service when it comes to air shipment visibility and ULD fleet management.” 

Descartes Core BLE readers capture the movement of ULDs that have either Descartes or third-party BLE tags attached. The readers are part of the Descartes Core BLE Network and a Descartes Global Logistics Network service. Shipments can be tracked whether in the air or on the ground via the Descartes Core ULD Tracking solution to help air carriers and their partners automate freight tracking and improve asset management by providing real-time visibility of air shipments bundled into a single ULD container or pallet. In addition to location, other sensor-based information such as precise temperature, movement and humidity can be monitored. This data, combined with forecasting of asset location requirements, helps carriers reduce ULD fleet losses, better match capacity with ULD inventory, and reduce the costs associated with misplaced equipment or the requirement to lease additional ULDs.

“We’re pleased to help Menzies Aviation ensure ULDs are in the right place at the right time to meet the air freight needs of its customers worldwide,” said Scott Sangster, Vice President, Global Logistics Service Providers at Descartes. “By enabling the visibility of ULDs and ground equipment through automation, Descartes’ advanced IoT and Bluetooth networking technologies help airlines and their partners significantly improve control over the transportation of air cargo from the point of origin to final destination.”