Winmore Unveils Customer Solution On-boarding for Logistics Providers

Winmore unveiled its Customer Solution On-boarding software, empowering logistics service providers to more effectively manage complex customer implementations.

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Winmore unveiled its Customer Solution On-boarding software, empowering logistics service providers to more effectively manage complex customer implementations. Early adopters include two of the world’s largest freight forwarders, eager to gain a competitive advantage in the global logistics industry.

Winmore’s Customer Success Platform (CSP) helps commercial teams win more RFPs, minimize scope creep, and build customer relationships at scale. The company’s solutions allow sales and pricing managers to take the right steps to qualify and respond to increasingly complex bids and, when they’ve won the business, accelerate time-to-value while ensuring internal compliance.

Now with the addition of Winmore’s new Customer Solution On-boarding, the customer success platform helps logistics companies accelerate time-to-value, reduce the risk of scope creep and ensure internal process compliance, all while delighting customers.

Increasing visibility for the entire onboarding process from end-to-end, the solution helps 3PLs instantly identify and address bottlenecks and potential roadblocks. Operational leaders can access at-a-glance views of real-time implementation data, displayed in an intuitive, visually appealing format.

Allport Cargo Services, part of the Cargo Services Group, the largest privately held Hong Kong based 3PL, is joining two of the world’s largest freight forwarders as a development partner, sharing requirements and user feedback as Winmore brings its Customer Solution On-boarding software to market.

"New customer implementations involve on-boarding potentially hundreds of suppliers and integrating multiple internal systems and dozens of transportation partners. Delaying "Go Live" by just a day means losing operating margin for everyone involved in the implementation," explained Bill Aldridge, President of Allport Cargo Services and a 30-year veteran of International logistics. "Winmore has the perfect solution to manage the end-to-end process and accelerate the time to value.”

Serving the world’s largest global logistics providers, Winmore’ Customer Solution On-boarding offers a no-code and intuitive drag-and-drop design environment for creating and modifying onboarding workflow features and functionality. Non-technical administrators can easily tailor their Winmore implementation into a “perfect-fit” for their onboarding use case. Additionally, it leverages the building blocks of Six Sigma and continuous improvement (CI), such as visual kanban boards, automated stage gates and process modelling.

Winmore is currently in production at logistics service providers around the world from the most successful leaders in freight brokerage, contract logistics, freight forwarding and transportation.

A complete solution for logistics providers, Winmore’s CSP includes:

● Bid and Tender Collaboration for Commercial, Pricing, Contracts and Product teams to qualify and respond to RFPs and tenders, including bid scoring, carrier intelligence, and rich analytics.

● Customer Solution On-boarding for managing complex onboarding customer implementations such as freight forwarding contracts, supply chain solutions, and managed transportation services.

● Business Process Design Studio, a point-and-click business process modeling tool for developing and publishing multi-stage, collaborative workflows for custom business processes.