TIA Aims for Better Relationships Between Members, Shippers

Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) is hoping to facilitate better relationships between its members and shippers with a new resource that can be cited during negotiations.

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Transportation Intermediaries Association

As part of the continuing effort of the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) to build a strong relationship between shippers and TIA members, the TIA Shipper Committee (compromised of 3PL members) and the TIA Shipper Council (compromised of shipper professionals) is proud to release the Shipper & 3PL Contracts Consideration resource to assist both parties in contract negotiations.

The purpose of this resource is to assist TIA Members and shipper professionals in contracting provisions. The ideas, information, and areas suggested for review, contained in this resource, represent merely one set of tools among many others that TIA members and shippers may turn to as sources of information on contract development. 

  “TIA wants to continue to move the ball forward on developing value-added materials for our members, shippers, and motor carriers. This resource follows previous resources dedicated to detention time and building a strong relationship that is mutually beneficial to all parties or "Creating a Win-Win-Win Business Relationship." TIA will continue to release these resources as part of our larger initiative to educate shippers and motor carriers on the importance of using TIA members,” stated Chris Burroughs, vice president of government affairs for TIA.