Retail Cost of Diesel Drops

The average price of diesel across the United States is down 0.4 of a cent.

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Photo by Bo Stevens from Pexels

The average retail price of diesel dropped by 0.4 cent to $3.051 a gallon, according to the Department of Energy July 15. Crude oil also slid to less than $59 a barrel during trading of West Texas Intermediate.

The DOE reported that diesel costs 18.8 cents less a gallon than it did a year ago when it was at $3.239.

Regional diesel prices climbed only in the Gulf Coast, the West Coast (outside of California) and the lower Atlantic. Each region saw an increase of less than a penny  0.1 cent. 

According to Transport Topics, diesel costs dropped the most in the Midwest, to $2.956 a gallon – a drop of 1.2 cents.

While California dropped 0.1 cent, the price remained the highest there at $3.952 per gallon. The lowest price was in the Gulf Coast, $2.805 a gallon.

U.S. gasoline prices, meanwhile, jumped 3.6 cents on average to $2.779.