Four Soft Announces GPS-enabled Web Portal

Collaborative web portal for integrated supply chain management

New Delhi, India—Nov. 22, 2011—Four Soft (4S) a provider of software solutions for logistics and transportation industry launched GPS-enabled 4S Visilog. The launch of this new feature integrates the GPS benefits like truck movement reporting, etc. to the logistics control visibility mechanism of 4S VisiLog.

It communicates with GPS satellites to obtain real-time event information for the location of the shipment in transit. This new feature will help linking the business partners, associates, service providers and customer right from origin to destination. It is designed to provide automated alerts along with visibility across the supply chain managed by workflows. GPS enabled 4S VisiLog would be the business’s command and control centre for global logistics operations.

Rakesh Kumar Munigala, vp & head of product design and marketing for Four Soft, says, “This application enables the manufacturer/shipper to have visibility of real time status of movement of shipments. This new solution will enable the manufactures and the logistics service provider to have greater level of control of their assets during transit. We integrate the real time physical movement status of goods to logistics control mechanisms like milestone monitoring, workflow and alerting.”

Clients can check the real time shipment location through truck positioning information. The system will automatically send out alerts on change in route, exceeding speed, temperature deviation for perishable goods, idle time, fuel consumption and pilferage and excessive stoppage. It also will enable the plotting of truck path for specific time interval.

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