Maturity Assessment Shows Strengths and Weaknesses in Last Mile

Locus launches a last-mile maturity assessment to help enterprises see their strengths and weaknesses during last-mile delivery.

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Locus announced the launch of Last-Mile Maturity Assessment. This is a benchmarking tool designed to help enterprises evaluate strengths, uncover inefficiencies and identify new growth opportunities during last-mile.

This online assessment tests 5 performance indicators which are last-mile excellence, customer experience, workforce empowerment, advanced analytics and sustainability. This test then rates enterprises on a 5 point rating system and categorizes them in the emerging, growth or optimized stage. Those that participate in an assessment are provided with a 360-degree comprehensive report that gives recommendations and insights on what an enterprise can do to differentiate themselves for delivery experiences. 

 “Last-mile is the face of the modern customer experience, and while many companies are starting to prioritize this function more than ever before, not all know exactly where to start to successfully and strategically improve their operations in impactful ways,” says Nishith Rastogi, Founder and CEO of Locus. “What Locus’ Last-Mile Maturity Assessment brings is the power of knowledge - not at the execution level where many of our customers are currently focused, but in the planning and back-end stages that shape critical roadmaps. We’re arming enterprises with actionable insights on not just where they can level up these processes but how they should actually go about it. It’s the competitive edge every company should be thinking about today.” 

From PR Newswire:

  • Last-Mile Excellence: How robust last-mile capabilities are in the face of exceptions, unpredictable volumes, and profitability
  • Customer Experience: The quality and consistency of the customer experience an organization’s last-mile offers 
  • Workforce Empowerment: Employees’ abilities to handle last-mile challenges
  • Advanced Analytics: The opportunity to leverage last-mile data and make more informed decisions on the supply chain 
  • Sustainability: How environmentally sustainable a company’s last-mile function is today