Cloud-Based Software Optimizes Last-Mile Operations

GroundCloud launches GroundCloud Pro, a more advanced version of its flagship CSP manager platform, to help final mile delivery contractors optimize and automate their operations.

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GroundCloud, a CSP manager platform, has launched a more advanced version of its flagship program called GroundCloud Pro. This new set of features is designed to help final mile delivery contractors optimize and automate their operations and significantly improve their bottom line, at a time they need it the most.

David Leland, founder/CEO of GroundCloud, said, "Delivery contractors are facing pressures on multiple fronts, including surging fuel costs and acute labor shortages. GroundCloud Pro delivers several tools that drive efficiency and boost profitability to its users."

This technology provides analytics, payroll automation, detailed vehicle maintenance and asset tracking, and other new modules that will drive efficiency and profitability for users of this platform.

From PR Newswire:

  • RouteStats™ module for contractors to quickly understand the state of their business operations and identify areas of inefficiency.
  • Payroll automation where contractors can simplify their payroll with automated timekeeping and payroll reports. Users are able to create custom payment structures for their teams that can be sent directly to their payroll processor.
  • Enhanced vehicle and maintenance tracking, fleet-wide messaging, timekeeping, scheduling, and payroll automation are all integrated in one portal to streamline these business management tools.