Risk Management for Companies Dependent on Employee-Owned Vehicles

Motus launches the Motus Protect to help companies identify and address potential liability from employees driving their own cars to do their jobs.

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Motus launches the Motus Protect to help companies identify and address potential liability from employees driving their own cars to do their jobs. Protect includes Auto Insurance Monitoring, Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Monitoring and Driver Training, which collectively provide the essential tools for due diligence and risk management.

Phong Nguyen, CEO of Motus, comments, “In our current environment, the importance of risk management solutions like Motus Protect cannot be overstated. Employers are unfortunately one catastrophic event away from significant financial losses and damage to their corporate reputation. While never reduced completely, organizations are looking for ways to uncover and proactively address liabilities from employees that drive personal cars for work.”

Key Takeaways:

  • The introduction of Motus Protect is timely because employers need to monitor employees who drive as part of their job to confirm they are properly insured, licensed and trained. Over the past year, auto insurance costs have increased 22%*, making it difficult for people to prioritize insurance payments or maintain adequate coverage, and resulting in 14% of drivers choosing to drive uninsured**. Employers may be unaware that damages beyond the employee’s coverage will pass to the company when an employee is driving while working.
  • Leveraging automation and machine learning technology to identify drivers with insufficient or lapsed insurance, Motus offers an innovative approach superior to policy renewal or annual checks. With notifications and reporting for any non-compliant drivers, business leaders can swiftly address and resolve coverage issues, safeguarding against potential liabilities and making sure their employees are personally protected.
  • Maintain due diligence with continuous oversight and alerts to stay aware of license status, and infractions. Intuitive reporting and scoring provide employers with indications of riskier driving.
  • Online curriculums strengthen essential driving skills and encourage adoption of defensive driving practices among employees. Convenient 15-minute segments make it easy for drivers to reinforce critical driving skills during their busy workdays and reporting for employers makes it easy to track adoption and progress.
  • Motus Protect integrates driver risk mitigation with Motus Reimburse, expanding the centralized visibility and control needed to optimize the spend and operations of reimbursement for every employee who regularly drives their own car for work. Motus helps companies design a future fleet that meets their unique needs and business objectives without the distraction of managing a fleet of cars.