Strategic Partnership to Help Businesses Optimize Parcel Spend

RateLinx and Reveel partner to optimize parcel spend with an integrated approach that delivers performance gains.

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RateLinx and Reveel announce a strategic partnership to enables businesses to optimize their parcel spend management while simultaneously achieving performance gains in their freight and logistics operations.

As part of the partnership, shipping and fulfillment operations will benefit from the integrated approach RateLinx and Reveel make possible and the broad operational intelligence both companies' platforms deliver.      

"Parcel shipping doesn't take place in a vacuum," said Josh Dunham, co-founder and CEO of Reveel. "Our partnership with RateLinx will make it easier for our customers that have a diverse shipping mix that includes parcel, freight and 3PL to secure the radical savings we deliver in parcel spend along with the dramatic performance gains RateLinx's ShipLinx TMS delivers. This is an important step in highlighting the impact that parcel shipping performance has on bottom- and top-line results."

Key Takeaways:

  • RateLinx's transportation management system (TMS) empowers businesses of all sizes to streamline and perfect their logistics operations while managing shipments from any direction – fulfillment or returns – or mix of parcel and freight. Using ShipLinx TMS, organizations can create faster, smarter operations that save up to 30% on logistics-related costs regardless of which carriers or third-party logistics (3PL) providers they do business with.
  • ShipLinx TMS also integrates seamlessly with any enterprise resource planning or financial system. Reveel's Shipping Intelligence™ Platform uses advanced data science to provide parcel shippers with actionable insights that immediately save money, and provides the intelligence and context needed to proactively address the constantly changing factors, including surcharges, new rules and fees.
  • With powerful parcel auditing and cost optimization capabilities, and the ability to analyze parcel shipping data with "what if" scenarios, Reveel also enables shippers to negotiate better parcel shipping terms and conditions.