Burgeoning E-commerce Industry to Supplement Growth in the TMS Market

Visible spurt in SMEs and innovations such as cloud-based solutions are likely to aid onward growth trend in the United States Transportation Management System market.


Growing consumer demands, rising population and surged production among companies are synonymous with improved adherence to sophisticated freight infrastructure. Companies are akin on adopting cost efficient freight operations for improved profit margin as well as seamless cargo operations. Additionally, visible spurt in SMEs and innovations such as cloud-based solutions are likely to aid onward growth trend in the United States Transportation Management System (TMS) market. Further, advances in e-commerce and need for timely multi-channel distribution are also expected to augment reliance on advanced transportation management system. The U.S. TMS market reached a total of $4.09 billion in the year 2018 and is anticipated to reach approximately $9.96 billion by 2025.

These factors are poised to lend remunerative growth in the U.S. TMS. In its bid to scout recent developments, Adroit Market Research (AMR) has recently announced the addition of its recent market report titled, “United States Transportation Management Systems Market, by Type and Application, Forecast 2018-25” to its ever-growing data archive.

AI and SaaS Based Solutions to Revamp US TMS Market

Advances such as SaaS based transportation management system is a growing trend and is believed to accrue substantial growth in the near future. These aforementioned factors have spearheaded adoption and impressive growth. The U.S. is also a reigning hub for online retail and a dynamic e-commerce industry. To meet consumer expectations of timely delivery, supply chain management is critically re-shaped by high-end tracking solutions that flawlessly keep various stakeholders in the loop by providing real time data. In tandem with growing e-commerce industry, United States TMS market is also directly influenced by growing warehouses and a steadily rising economy. Integration of AI in logistics and supply chain replenishment are poised to incur massive growth.

US-based JDA Software Integrates AI Capabilities to Diversify Transportation Management System

Amidst staggering possibilities in the United States transportation management systems market, leading players are likely to invest thoroughly into technological innovations. Additionally, like most instances, M&A will continue to remain popular growth strategies amongst players. In this light, leading player JDA Software has made announcements of its recent developments in autonomous supply chain platform. Its recent AI powered platform will simplify logistics and overall supply chain for greater user satisfaction. Additionally, the company has also entered into a collaboration with India based Tata Consultancy Services to further develop advanced cognitive solutions for supply chain improvements. These recent developments are expected to pave tangible growth.

Other notable players in the market include, Accellos, Inc., Oracle Corporation, SAP SE, TMW Systems, Inc., and Omnitracs, LLC amongst others.

Logistics and Transport Application Segment to Maximize Revenues

A rundown on dynamic segmentation of United States transportation management systems market has also been pinned in the report based on which the market is segregated into types and applications. Railways and roadways are core types of the United States transportation management systems market. By applications the market is categorized into logistics, manufacturing and retail.