Top 6 Global Logistic Technology Trends in 2021

Improving mobility and productivity is a goal for almost all logistic companies in the last few years. This target can be achieved with innovative decisions and complicated approach.

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The logistic market was one of the most impacted markets in the pandemic. More and more self-isolated people started to buy products online, and the retail industry needed to upgrade all the welfares.

The transportation trends in 2021 were formed mostly by the necessity to deliver more products in less time, often with closed borders. Moreover, innovation technologies guide the changes in logistics in the upcoming year.

The transportation industry is worked mostly with e-commerce. It is one of the most rapidly growing markets in the world economy. According to analysis, the logistic market will be expanding to more than $12 trillion by 2023. Next year, we will see the continuous growth of using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data science in transportation.

Trend 1: Blockchain

Blockchain is a largely growing technology in the last few years. It depends not only on market development, but often on influencers using the technology—the success of using it in all world markets is in safety and transparency.

For example, the vendor is protected by implementing the technology for the certainty of performance history records. As the information of using blockchain transactions is clear, all the next clients will have reliable data about trucks. Also, blockchain technology is used for the capacity monitoring of transportation.

This transport industry trend already has a successful use in Dutch companies—the technology helps prevent documentation fraud and goods' heist.

Trend 2: Big data analytics

In 2021, businesses more often use big data analysis to form a new transportation system. All the logistics statistics are essential for planning future deliveries and understanding what goods are needed for the market. 

The question is in using technology for evaluating the collection of data. It became possible with innovative software and in-deep understanding of the goals of the company. Transport industry analysis is required for the prosperous economy planning and requested in most logistic companies in the next few years.

Trend 3: Artificial intelligence

AI already impacted the transportation sector in the last decade. Using AI helps improve the operation's functionality, find the possible problem and propose the decision. New transport technology in implementing AI was influential in the pandemic, as many people in management positions started to work remotely.

According to the research, using AI in logistics can increase companies' gain more than 50% a year. Big companies raise the investments in AI technologies for saving money and time in the future.

Trend 4: Automating warehouses

Transportation industry trends in 2021 are mostly focusing on the automatization of the manual workforce. Many logistic companies see almost all their problems in automating and using robots for efficient warehouses. The goal of such a decision is to make routine work cheaper and more comfortable for the business. It is also usually used to improve monitoring, receiving and dispatching products in the warehouse.

In some companies, using robots to manage the freight helped reduce the time they usually spend on this work twice. In Germany, DHL builds more than 100 automated parcel-delivery bases to save time for manual handling sorting. It can illustrate the successful integration of the automatization technology in warehouses. At the same time, this trend became essential for the whole logistic market.

Trend 5: Autonomous vehicles

Trends in transportation also affect the use of autonomous vehicles for delivery. A few years ago, this trend was more unreal for almost every manufacturer. Only a few giant companies were investing in autonomous transportation of goods. Self-driving trucks can relieve drivers' work in the future and be efficient in operating on busy roads to predict and analyze traffic.

This technology became real and provided safe and delivery. It became actual in pandemic time. The coronavirus crisis pushes the development of new products and software in innovative autonomous vehicles.

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Trend 6: Sustainability through technology

Transportation market trends for 2021 is also based on world economic trends. More and more people will choose a company with an eco-friendly reputation. It means that companies will invest more in emission reduction and decreasing environmental risk. As a result, eco-technology innovation will influence the logistic market.

Involvement in the climate changes problems and working on the Paris Agreement's aim defines the business's social responsibility and advocacy.


Transport industry statistics argue the rising investments into innovation. Distribution businesses need new logistic solutions for the unique challenges we have in the pandemic time.

Improving mobility and productivity is a goal for almost all logistic companies in the last few years. This target can be achieved with innovative decisions and complicated approach.