Supply Chain Waste Reduction Moves Forward Via New Partnership

Verusen and Machine Compare look to drive efficiency and reduce waste in the global machinery supply chain. The partnership taps Verusen's data and Machine Compare's B2B marketplace.

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Supply chain companies Verusen and Machine Compare reveal a new partnership that leverages the former's supply chain data and technology combined with the latter's B2B marketplace to offer a simpler customer experience with waste reduction in mind. Machine Compare's site allows manufacturers to list unused, obsolete and surplus stock for buyers to purchase. Verusen will make it possible for users to further extend, execute, buy and sell intelligently. The partnership will also reduce risk drive completion of end-to-end material management goals. 

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As a result of the partnership, manufacturers will now have a single way to:

  • Understand their materials data across their network without the need for data cleansing
  • Optimize inventory and procurement to eliminate waste
  • Balance their network and one-click market excess inventory from Verusen to Machine Compare
  • Easily source parts from Machine Compare to reduce supplier risk and save money

“With AI now interwoven into our processes, the burden on analysis is now lifted, allowing our team as well as our partners to instead shift to long-term strategic planning," says Ben Findlay, co-founder and CEO of Machine Compare. "Rather than jumping into situations as they arise in real-time, we're able to expand our view beyond daily data challenges to consider future decisions that will continue making our whole supply chain more efficient. Our clients who have adopted Verusen are now showing a reduction in downtime, stockouts and costs.”