Special Report: U.S. Fertilizer Buyer 2023 Outlook

After a historical run up starting in 2020 and peaking in 2022, U.S. fertilizer prices have returned to more normal levels. But for end users, the inflation of fertilizer prices on their business was significant.

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Going forward, understanding where (and why) fertilizer prices are headed this year across each nutrient category of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium will be critical to effectively managing costs.

Green Markets, A Bloomberg Company, has tracked global fertilizer prices for over 45 years. Its objective price reporting is trusted by fertilizer buyers, manufacturers, and market intermediaries across the globe. This free whitepaper provides an overview of the primary fertilizer markets and direction for U.S.-based supply chain professionals as they look to procure these products, or derivative fertilizers, in the coming months of 2023.

Special Report U.S. Fertilizer Buyer 2023 Outlook is market guidance that no fertilizer procurement professional should miss!

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