Trealth Redefines the Process and Financing of Global Trade on the Cloud

Trealth’s platform automates the global trade ecosystem, facilitating international transactions on the cloud

Sunnyvale, CAOct. 22, 2015Trealth, a trade and financing platform, announced the official launch of its online platform. Trealth is offering a seamless platform on the cloud that can be used to navigate the complexity of trade. 

Trealth provides a flexible solution to all global trade parties, whether an exporter, importer, financier or consultant. Its technology is built on activity-based processes and a workflow management engine that facilitates easy management of tasks related to the deal, from initiation to execution, with built-in templates, alerts, scheduling and other features to make it easy for users to execute their tasks.

“Whether an international business executive or a small business owner, it’s likely they have experienced the complexities involved with global trade,” stated Kishan Bulusu, founder and CEO, Trealth. “Most information technology (IT) systems focus on domestic business processes rather than cross-border, but Trealth is truly redefining global trade and we are proud to bring this solution to businesses of all sizes.”

Trealth’s technology features the following:

  • An action-oriented architecture, designed with reporting capabilities and dashboards to provide users with key metrics and data needed for the management of transactions.
  • Data science and machine learning. Algorithms analyze data to provide credit and risk ratings; uncover price trends and shipment prices; recommend suppliers; find buyers; etc.
  • Smart trade, which enables easy generation and tracking of contracts, invoices, shipping, customs, permits and other documents needed for the deal process.
  • Real-time collaboration that includes reminders, scheduling, task assignment, deal team management and chat.
  • A banking platform. Banks and financial institutions can leverage the Trealth platform to offer additional financial services to customers and participate in the deal flow for international trade transactions.
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