A Next-Generation Mass Global Payments Solution

Base commerce customers will process nearly instant cross-border payments via direct bank deposits and cash pickup

New YorkApril 27, 2015Transpay, a business-to-business/business-to-consumer (B2B/B2C) cross-border payments platform with a large, independent, direct-to-bank payments network, and Base Commerce, LLC, a provider of integrated payments solutions for e-commerce and software-as-a-service (SAAS) businesses, are partnering in the offering of a new solution to revolutionize the way Base Commerce customers make global payments.

Base Commerce selected Transpay’s pay-by-email Global Mass Payments platform because of its user-friendly interface, flexible payout options for sending payments to both developed and emerging markets, and strong foreign exchange (FX) and global compliance management.

With the addition of Transpay to its offerings, Base Commerce provides a comprehensive portfolio of technologies for clients to address both incoming and outgoing payments needs domestically and abroad.

According to John Hughes, president of Base Commerce, “The partnership with Transpay allows us to offer a fast, seamless and cost-effective global funds remittance solution to our customers without the burdens and costs of directly entering the money remittance business.”

Base Commerce customers can enjoy the ease of using the global, pay-by-email Mass Payment Platform that deposits funds directly into payees’ bank accounts. The Transpay platform requires only a recipient’s email and mobile phone number to set up, process and track the exact stage of each transaction. Thanks to Transpay’s independent direct-to-bank payments network, Base Commerce customers can send funds to more than 30,000 banks and 200,000 cash pick-up locations worldwide using over 400 currency pairs.

Base Commerce can immediately set up current and new clients to be up and running on Transpay’s Mass Global Payments platform, without the need for information technology (IT) integration or customization.