Nice Package

Teradata creates pre-packaged CRM solutions

Dayton, Ohio  May 24, 2001  Want a customized CRM solution, but don't want the hassle of time-consuming implementation?

Sounds like a bad car commercial, but the question is of genuine concern to many prospective customer relationship management (CRM) customers. Teradata, a division of NCR Corp., has found an interesting way to try and address this problem. According to a recent announcement, Teradata has created seven industry-specific pre-packaged CRM solutions. The CRM Industry Express solutions, as they are called, are designed for the retail, communication, financial services, insurance, travel and transportation, e-business and energy industries. Teradata will begin offering the packages starting in the third quarter of 2001.

Teradata tailored the applications for each industry in three ways: 

1.      The measures that drive return on investment (ROI) for each industry have been built into the solution.

2.      The Teradata CRM application modules that will drive the greatest industry benefit have been packaged.

3.      Industry-specific lexicon has been added throughout the application to ensure immediate usability and reduce training time.

Companies want a CRM solution that is quick and inexpensive to implement, said Robert Mirani, Director, CRM Strategies, The Yankee Group. But they need a solution that is tailored to their requirements. As company executives focus in on rapid ROI from IT investments, they will rely on vendors that can provide industry-specific solutions to help them succeed.