To Efinity and Beyond

Need2Buy adopts Efinity's order-collaboration modules

Tempe, AZ  June 11, 2001  Need2Buy, a provider of an e-procurement platform for the electronics manufacturing industry, and Efinity, a provider of supply chain management applications for manufacturing industries, today announced that Need2Buy will incorporate Efinity's order-collaboration modules into its online platform.

Need2Buy, based in Westlake Village, Calif., will use Efinity's Supply-Web information Management (SWiM) modules as the basis of a new order-management engine to be integrated into its hosted e-procurement application. Electronics manufacturers will be able to directly source products and then work with their suppliers by sending and responding to purchase orders, change-order requests, advance-ship notices and invoices.

Benefits to buyers and suppliers using the system, according to Need2Buy, will be increased visibility into product inventory and delivery status at various stages in the order process, enabling companies to more accurately and efficiently coordinate transactions and product flow.

Maury Friedman, Need2Buy's chairman and CEO said that Efinity's application will enable electronics manufacturers and their supply-chain partners to streamline current transaction processes and reduce the time and resources required to manage purchase orders, determine delivery status and issue payments.

SWiM uses Extensible Markup Language (XML), electronic data interchange (EDI), RosettaNet and other emerging standards-based communication protocols to tap into the current business systems of buying and selling organizations to provide secure information regarding the order and fulfillment processes of supply-chain partners.

Chris Smith, president and CEO of Aliso Viejo, Calif.-based Efinity, said the addition of SWiM to Need2Buy's suite of services would present electronics manufacturers and their supplier networks with an opportunity to improve their collaboration outside-the-four-walls of their own enterprises.