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3D Systems, Raindrop Geomagic offer rapid manufacturing solutions

Valencia, CA  November 30, 2001  3D Systems Corp. and Raindrop Geomagic have signed a development, marketing and sales agreement to provide turnkey hardware and software solutions for rapid manufacturing.

The new rapid manufacturing solution will include a 3-D scanner for data capture, Geomagic software for product design, 3D Systems' stereolithography (SL) solid imaging systems for rapid development, and SL materials used to produce the end product. The package also will include consulting and training on process, products and technology.

"This agreement reflects a cutting-edge vision of rapid manufacturing," said Grant Flaharty, senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing for 3D Systems. "We are providing a solution that can significantly reduce the time and cost of getting our customers' products to market."

Under the agreement, 3D Systems and Raindrop Geomagic will contribute equally to costs for developing new software. 3D Systems will sell the turnkey solution with help from Raindrop Geomagic's sales and technical team. Product marketing will be a joint effort.

"This is a big win for every company that is involved or wants to become involved in rapid manufacturing or mass customization," said Ping Fu, president and CEO of Raindrop Geomagic. "For the first time, the complete solution is available from the best and most-trusted suppliers in the industry."

The initial market for the turnkey solution will be the early adopters of rapid manufacturing  makers of medical devices such as customized hearing aids, dental devices and prosthetics. Many other vertical manufacturing markets especially those for which customized products provide a competitive advantage  are expected to embrace rapid manufacturing in the near future, according to Fu.

The two companies already provide key technology components for Align Technology's rapid manufacturing process. Align expects to produce millions of individually designed Invisalign(R) orthodontic devices this year.