Celarix Offers Data Management Services

Analysts to manage data quality for improved supply chain visibility

Cambridge, MA  April 17, 2002  Solution provider Celarix today took the wraps off a new set of data services designed to improve the quality and timeliness of supply chain information.

Celarix said its Data Management Services complement the provider's technology-based data-cleansing capabilities by providing trained analysts that manage data quality on behalf of a customer. Data Management Services allow customers to make better decisions with complete, accurate and timely supply chain information, Celarix said.

Data quality has become an increasingly important element of any successful enterprise system deployment, Celarix asserted, citing a recent study by PricewaterhouseCoopers that showed one in three systems were either delayed or scrapped due to data quality issues. Furthermore, challenges that exist today within the enterprise are increasing exponentially as companies begin to look outside the four walls for the next source of competitive advantage. Celarix believes that successful supply chain visibility and collaboration solutions must go beyond software-only solutions and build upon existing networks that can provide high levels of data quality.

The "human touch" services provided through Data Management Services build on the data quality capabilities incorporated in Celarix's Connexion Business Network. Through the services, analysts can resolve specific data quality issues on behalf of Celarix customers and initiate continuous improvement cycles with trading partners and transportation service providers to improve data quality at the source.

"The management of a company's supply chain is directly dependent on the timeliness and accuracy of the data provided from its own internal systems, consolidators, suppliers, carriers, brokers and other trading partners," said Jim Daniell, CEO of Celarix. "We have devoted a team and resources to specifically manage data quality, taking that burden off our customers so they can focus on running their own businesses and improving customer service levels."

John Pindred, vice president and treasurer at Celarix customer ShopKo Stores, agreed, saying that the new service offering would allow his company's logistics team to manage freight rather than data and improve the company's inventory allocation and decrease carrying costs.

"Today, it's a necessity to gain visibility into product movements to improve efficiency, stay competitive and manage the cost of carrying inventory," Pindred said. "Receiving the data isn't enough, however. The quality of information received must be verified or it's useless. If our transportation service providers don't enter the correct information about our shipments in transit, it's no better than not getting the information at all."