Controlling the Multi-tiered Supply Chain

Valdero rolls out supply/demand matching and collaboration tools in version 2.0

Palo Alto, CA  June 28, 2002  Valdero this week rolled out version 2.0 of its eponymous flagship application, which, the software company said, adds real-time visibility and control over changes in extended supply chains, as well as simplified data integration.

Valdero is promoting its new suite as a "supply chain control" tool set, targeting cost reductions and performance improvements across multi-tiered supply chains.

The solution provider said that manufacturing companies can use 2.0's new supply/demand match engine and collaboration platform to decrease process and inventory costs while improving overall operational performance.

Meanwhile, Valdero 2.0 also offers new data integration functionality that the software company said will speed enterprise deployment and reduce the technical complexity of adding new supply chain partners to the system.

Valdero's software is designed for companies relying on what the company calls "collaborative supply chains" to meet variable customer demand for highly configurable products. The complexity of managing multi-tiered supply chains with many partners means that these companies often have limited visibility into remote operations, high latency in communicating changes in supply and demand, poor responsiveness to disruptions and a high liability for poor execution. All of these problems can result in high inventory costs, high liabilities and missed revenue opportunities.

"Valdero gives manufacturers and their supply chain partners a common platform for executing on key processes based on shared, real-time information and agreed-upon metrics, plans and performance thresholds," said S. Singh Mecker, Valdero's president and CEO. "By offering true collaborative resolution, rather than simple information sharing, we're allowing businesses to react quickly to changes and achieve closed-loop control over their supply chain performance."

Valdero's Supply Chain Control Suite comprises four applications, including Inventory Control, which provides an always-on view and control of global inventory positions across multi-tiered supply chains; and Demand Control, which offers continuous visibility into demand variability, forecast accuracy and forecast consumption, and enables companies to communicate demand changes in real time to their supplier base.

In addition, the suite includes Planning and Fulfillment Control, which enables companies to proactively balance supply positions with demand needs; and Product Change Control, which allows for analysis of optimal engineering change order (ECO) cut-in date based on potential inventory excess write-off and purge costs.