Owens Corning Taps Zeborg

Targets global spend analysis for better sourcing, procurement management

New York — June 17, 2003 — Owens Corning is set to adopt a spend analysis solution from Zeborg as the foundation for a strategic savings program based on new visibility into global spending.

By using Zeborg's ExpenseMap to track and analyze worldwide spend, Owens Corning's procurement team is seeking to better manage the company's suppliers, reduce costs and monitor compliance with spending policies and contract terms.

Zeborg said that the solution would provide the procurement team with consolidated, standardized information to help the company negotiate savings based on total, global spend. In addition, procurement can use the information to help reduce the frequency of off-contract buying.

"One of the best ways to improve the bottom line is to control the money going out the door to suppliers," said Jim Hawkins, global e-sourcing leader for Owens Corning. "Knowing exactly how, where and with which vendors Owens Corning does business is the crucial first step — one that Zeborg is helping us to master."

The solution provider describes ExpenseMap as a fully managed spend analytics solution that reveals a company's spending patterns, resulting in improved visibility around contract compliance and supplier relationships. The solution's profiling allows companies to target specific procurement and savings initiatives for continuous improvement, Zeborg said, and often the recommended programs can be implemented and the results realized in a few weeks.

For more information on solutions for spend analysis and procurement, see the Global Enabled Supply and Demand Chain Series article "Procurement" in the April/May 2003 issue of iSource Business.