TIE Commerce Partners with Cleo

To resell Cleo LexiCom for EDI over the Internet

To resell Cleo LexiCom for EDI over the Internet

Rockford, IL — August12, 2003— Cleo Communications, a supplier of electronic data interchange (EDI) communications products, and B2B integration software company TIE Commerce have reached an agreement in which TIE Commerce will resell Cleo LexiCom, a secure, automated data-transfer software.

Cleo said LexiCom integrates with TIE Commerce EDGE and eVision software products to provide secure communication of EDI over the Internet (EDIINT). The solution allows users to connect directly with trading partners, VANs, and other TCP/IP networks.

TIE Commerce eVision delivers any-to-any data integration and transformation for collaborative partnerships. TIE Commerce EDGE is suite of software used for EDI translation. The integration of LexiCom with the TIE Commerce products allows the programs to function in tandem with each other. EDI operators can initiate file transfers without leaving their familiar TIE software interface and without having to relearn any EDI procedures.

James Boswell, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Cleo Communications, added, "The integration of Cleo LexiCom with EDGE and eVision allows users to easily add EDIINT communications without having to learn another program. With the integrated solution, users don't need to understand EDIINT in order to achieve compliance."