Unisys Launches Cargo Revenue Accounting Solution

The solution gives airlines end-to-end visibility of revenue accounting process

Blue Bell, Pa.May 5, 2014—Further enhancing its portfolio of air cargo solutions, Unisys Corporation announced a Cargo Revenue Accounting (CRA) solution designed for real-time integration with the core Unisys Logistics Management System (LMS) or third-party cargo systems.

The Unisys Cargo Revenue Accounting solution provides airlines with control and automation of their revenue accounting process, including air waybill audit and adjustments, revenue determination and proration, invoicing, agent commission, and payable and receivable management and reporting. 

When integrated with the Unisys LMS solution, which is used by airlines worldwide to manage their air cargo business, CRA users can make use of a shared user interface,  menu structure and single sign-on that allows them to work seamlessly across both modules as one application.  Critical data, such as customer details, currencies, airport details, rates, contracts and air waybill stock, can be shared and used by both the LMS operational and CRA modules, removing the need for data to be duplicated and maintained across two separate systems.

Offered via a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model, the Unisys CRA solution can be shared by airlines to reduce costs compared to an in-house system, and requires minimal customization to enable fast implementation.  Delivery via an SaaS model also helps drives community collaboration among airline clients and enables airlines to respond quickly to constantly changing air cargo industry requirements.

Unisys LMS clients can benefit from a cargo revenue accounting solution that integrates in real time with our core logistics operational system to give new levels of visibility into financial information from booking through to delivery and invoicing,” said Christopher Shawdon, vice president of logistics solutions for Unisys.  “Such insight helps cargo operators increase profitability by being able to access revenue information up front to make informed choices about routes and flights, while improving service by generating more accurate air waybill information for customers. This real-time information can also help enhance cash flow by enabling invoicing as soon as export audit criteria are satisfied—three to four days faster than the traditional invoicing process.” 

Unisys cargo solutions are used by carriers that move approximately 30 percent of the world’s air freight.