Carven Chooses Centric Product Lifecycle Management

The PLM software allows the French couture house to sustain rapid growth, and maintain design and development creativity

Los Gatos, Calif.Mar. 14, 2014Carven selected Centric Software, Inc. for its product lifecycle management (PLM) software. Carven uses the Centric 8 PLM software for retail, apparel, footwear, luxury and consumer goods to support growth and align the organization, according to Claude Sztykman, production and purchasing director with Carven. “Importantly, the Centric PLM software allows Carven to accomplish these goals without losing creativity in the design and development process, which is so critical for the company.”

Since the re-launch of Carven in 2009, the company experienced rapid growth, explains Sztykman. “Centric 8 was the only solution on the market with the flexibility to accommodate the rapidly changing needs of our business. It provides us with the flexibility to add new staff, product categories and suppliers as our business continues to expand.”

The Centric 8 PLM solution replaces the extensive use of spreadsheets at Carven and allows the company to rely on “one version of the truth about products,” says Sztykman. The company is realizing increased efficiency through the reduction of low-value administrative tasks and data entry. Improved accuracy reduces the number of iterations for samples and prototypes, and new product development becomes faster, he explains. “The Centric 8 software also enables Carven to reduce overall product costs and understand the profitability of different product options at any given moment.”

“Carven selected Centric because it is easy to learn and use,” says Sztykman. As part of its investment, Carven chose three of the mobile apps available for Centric 8. “Centric’s innovative PLM solution and mobile apps, excellent references, and the expertise of the team convinced us that Centric was the right choice for Carven.” 

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