JustEnough Software Launches Promotions Planning & Analysis

Solution helps retailers evaluate effectiveness of promotions and plan future campaigns

Newport Beach, Ca—Dec. 13, 2011—JustEnough Software Corp., a provider of demand management solutions for retailers, distributors and brand owners, announced that its new Promotions Planning & Analysis solution is available for retailers that want to gain accurate visibility into the effectiveness of their promotions, helping them drive sales, improve margins and plan even more successful campaigns in the future.

Promotions help attract new and existing customers, increase revenues and lower inventory levels. But retailers can fall short if they fail to understand how well their past promotions performed before they plan future campaigns, which can lead to lost sales opportunities and wasted marketing dollars, according to Malcolm Buxton, president and chief executive officer.

“Promotions are an important, yet often overlooked, part of the retail planning process,” Buxton explained. “JustEnough’s new Promotions Planning & Analysis solution provides powerful analytical tools and views, giving retailers visibility into crucial factors affect the success of their promotions. This insight, plus the ability to tie their promotions into their overarching planning process, allows them to create effective campaigns that positively impact the bottom line.”

JustEnough Promotions Planning & Analysis offers the following capabilities:

  • Understand the category impact: The new solution allows retailers to understand the impact each promotional offer had on the overall category. This ensures that they avoid cannibalization of other key products in future campaigns.
  • Analyze promotional space: Retailers can evaluate how each product category performed based on the amount of space it was allocated in the promotion. In print advertising, that translates into what the return on investment was for each page.
  • Determine the right media mix: Retailers can decide how best to allocate their advertising budget across various channels, including print, online and social media.
  • Measure ad spend ROI: For accurate insight into the return their advertising campaigns generated, retailers need to know how responsive their products are during promotional periods. JustEnough helps by comparing a product’s response during non-promotional periods with results from each promotion.

For more information, visit www.justenough.com