CombineNet Advances its ASAP E-Sourcing Product

New dashboard, reporting enhancements improve user experience and savings visibility

Pittsburgh, Pa.—Sept. 13, 2011—CombineNet has rolled out new features in its e-sourcing product, CombineNet ASAP, including dashboards for better e-sourcing management and visibility, as well as reporting usability enhancements, federated identity management and a newly revamped online Training and Support Center.

“These new features make it easier for our customers to centralize, manage and report on e-sourcing across the enterprise conducted in CombineNet ASAP, regardless of spend category, size or complexity,” said Alan Himler, vp of product management. “As a Software-as-a-Service product, key focus areas for us will always include improving the user experience. Now with the new Dashboard functionality, users and their management team quickly gain visibility into spend volumes, savings, e-sourcing event activity, usage and more.”

 More details about these features:

  • Dashboards: CombineNet ASAP now offers a dashboard with a number of options to create actionable views of spend and sourcing activity. Using drag-and-drop interface design, dashboards can be configured by each user for their specific reporting needs. Dashboards can show spend, savings, event activity, and usage by spend category, sub-category, timeframes, user, currency and more. Dashboards also offer detailed drill-down reporting and easy download features.
  • Reporting Enhancements: Both buyers and bidders now have a faster, easier way to navigate through data in CombineNet ASAP for viewing, analysis and reporting. Mimicking Microsoft Excel-like filtering functionality, the new features provide a familiar pathway to more robust e-sourcing capabilities. Users can quickly and efficiently manage and manipulate data with sorting, filtering, freeze panes and more.
  • Federated Identity Management: Making it easier for an enterprise’s IT team to securely administer users of CombineNet ASAP, federated identity management is now available to integrate with a customer’s own identity management server.

Along with the release of these new CombineNet ASAP features, CombineNet unveils its redesigned online Training and Support Center, featuring improved content search across multiple support media types and enhanced tracking of support tickets.

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