Catalyst International Sees First Quarter Software Sales Hit High

Supply chain execution specialist touts results, points to deals in retail, automotive and process manufacturing on three continents

Supply chain execution specialist touts results, points to deals in retail, automotive and process manufacturing on three continents

Milwaukee — April 21, 2006 — On the strength of new sales to one of the world's largest automotive manufacturers, to a leading appliance manufacturer and to a large regional department store chain, Catalyst completed its first quarter of 2006 with growth that was above expectations in license sales, services business and overall profitability, the supply chain execution specialist reported.

These first quarter results continue the momentum and trend set in the fourth quarter of 2005 for increased profitability. "We are quite pleased with the continued strong, steady progress that we are making in returning Catalyst to market leadership as the premier provider of warehouse and logistics management software and services to the largest retail, manufacturing and wholesale warehouse operators," said Michael Eleftheriou, Catalyst president and CEO.

Eleftheriou said that the company made progress in building Catalyst's profitability in the fourth quarter of 05 and that trend continued in the first quarter of 06. "Organizational changes, focused investment and commitment to the process disciplines, fundamental to our business, have all contributed to these steadily improving results," he said.

Catalyst said that in the first quarter of 2006 it secured software license sales at a level not seen in several years, along with significant strength in best-of-breed customization services and SAP consulting and implementation services. New and expanded business in the quarter included The Bon-Ton Stores, Jarden, Dixons, OfficeMax, Homebase, The Body Shop, Yamaha Motor and sales to global companies in consumer retailing and automotive and process manufacturing in North America, Europe and China.

"Our focus is on steady, unrelenting improvement through the remainder of 06 and beyond," said Eleftheriou.

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