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The Omaha Performing Arts Society taps software to handle customer relationship management, enhance business practices at two theaters

The Omaha Performing Arts Society taps software to handle customer relationship management, enhance business practices at two theaters

Omaha, NE and New York — January 9, 2004 — The Omaha Performing Arts Society said it extensively reviewed ticketing and fundraising system functionality needs before selecting Tessitura for box office operations, fundraising, reporting, marketing and customer relationship management (CRM).

In selecting Tessitura Software, the Omaha Performing Arts Society joins numerous North American arts organizations that have already implemented the software, including The Metropolitan Opera, Boston Symphony Orchestra, The Kennedy Center, Lyric Opera of Chicago, City Center, San Francisco Symphony, Seattle Opera, Houston Ballet, Stratford Festival of Canada and the Center Theatre Group.

Tessitura, originally developed by the Metropolitan Opera for its own use, was implemented in 1998 and is now widely used in the arts field. Smeeta Sharon, who is responsible for business operations at the Met, noted, "The rapid acceptance of Tessitura by a growing number of arts organizations is highly gratifying. The Met designed Tessitura to enhance customer relationships and improve business practices by efficiently driving revenue transactions and boosting fundraising productivity. The end result is organizational improvement. We are pleased to share this powerful technology with other arts organizations."

The Omaha Performing Arts Society (OPAS) is building the new Omaha Performing Arts Center scheduled to open in fall 2005. OPAS also manages the Orpheum Theater in downtown Omaha. Built in 1927, the Orpheum is a 2,500-seat multi-purpose proscenium theater and is home to Opera Omaha, touring Broadway productions and other events.

Joan Squires, president of the Omaha Performing Arts Society, commented on their selection of Tessitura, "A project of the size and visibility of the new Omaha Performing Arts Center requires the absolute best technology tools to complement our center and our organization. The patron-centered focus of Tessitura, combined with the extensive ticketing and fundraising functionality, enabled our software selection process to go smoothly and rapidly with all parties feeling very comfortable with the Tessitura selection. We look forward to taking advantage of the benefits that Tessitura has to offer and becoming active members of the Tessitura Network."

Jack Rubin, business and marketing director for Tessitura and president of the Tessitura Network Inc., commented, "The Omaha Performing Arts Society, like many other licensees, selected Tessitura for its functionality in the arts enterprise software market and the attractiveness of our nonprofit business model."