Sargento Expands Trading Partner Integration

Works to meet retail trading partner requirements for AS2 communications

Works to meet retail trading partner requirements for AS2 communications

Columbus, OH — January 22, 2004 — Sargento Foods Inc., a family-owned provider of cheeses, selected Sterling Commerce to expand its trading partner integration capabilities.

Using a single Sterling Commerce integration solution, Sargento Foods said it would be able to facilitate transactions with its trading partners using the partner's communication protocol of choice.

Sargento Foods had been using Sterling Commerce technology for mapping, translations and integration with SAP R3. When some of its major retail trading partners began to require Internet-based AS2 communications, Sargento said it launched a search for one solution that could provide functionality across all of its integration needs, including EDI, XML, AS2 and back-end integration with its most critical enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, SAP.

By selecting Sterling Commerce's Gentran Integration Suite, Sargento Foods said it was able to address all of its critical business integration demands. In addition, the company said it is able to simplify technology support by working with one vendor for all of its business integration needs.

Barb Oestreicher, manager of Shared Technologies, Sargento Foods Inc, stated that as a Sterling Commerce customer for the past eight years, her company has been pleased with the quality of the business integration products, service and support it has received.

"When we began our search for an Internet-based AS2 document exchange solution, we turned to Sterling Commerce because of our successful history in working together," she said. "The functionality of Gentran Integration Suite meets not only our current needs for consolidating [electronic data interchange] (EDI) mapping and SAP R3 integration, but it allows us to evolve our trading partner communications to accommodate the preferences of our valued clients and partners."

"Sargento's choice of Sterling Commerce as its standard business integration solution will not only address the company's technical concerns, but it also enables the company to work with any trading partner using any data format or communication standard," said Sam Starr, president and CEO of Sterling Commerce. "We look forward to working with Sargento to further strengthen their customer and trading partner relationships."

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