Kemin Industries Taps Intentia for Enterprise Management System

Nutritional ingredients manufacturer seeks to consolidate information, enhance collaboration across operations

Nutritional ingredients manufacturer seeks to consolidate information, enhance collaboration across operations

Schaumburg, IL — February 20, 2004 — Nutritional ingredients manufacturer Kemin Industries has contracted with software provider Intentia to implement a food industry solution and to build a global information infrastructure.

Headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, Kemin produces various nutritional ingredients that go into food products, nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals, livestock feed and pet food products. The company operates eight business units worldwide, serving six markets in nearly 60 nations.

Kemin contracted in December 2003 to license and implement Intentia's Movex Food & Beverage solution and will partner with Intentia to build its global information infrastructure. The collaborative enterprise management system will serve Kemin Industries' five U.S. business units and three regional units in Belgium, India and Singapore.

Kemin is set to being implementation immediately in the United States and will follow with deployments in Europe and Asia. Kemin will run Movex (v12 Java) on an IBM iSeries platform to serve about 300 users.

Dan Heiderscheit, Kemin Industries' worldwide information technology director, said that the company sought an enterprise business solution to consolidate information, enhance collaboration and improve visibility across all Kemin Industries' manufacturing, distribution, customer service and research and development operations.

"Movex will provide us with the integrated, scalable information infrastructure we need to drive efficiencies at both the management and operational levels," said Heiderscheit. "With a global system, we can standardize our business processes, procedures and terminology and enable information to flow to the right people at the right time, so they can make timely, informed decisions."

Heiderscheit said that Kemin had several reasons for partnering with Intentia. "Our Belgian business unit has been using Movex since 1998, so we were familiar with the software," he explained. "We were impressed with its flexibility and the functionality it provides for food and pharmaceutical processors. Lot traceability, for example, is extremely important to a business as highly regulated and quality control-focused as ours. We also appreciate Intentia's Implex methodology because it closely mirrors our own IT implementation methods and philosophy."

Kemin plans to implement virtually all of Intentia's business process applications and will also install Movex Workplace, a new Web-based user interface and portal platform that enables companies to create efficient personal and collaborative workflows across the enterprise, according to Intentia.