Connexion by Boeing Improves Product Lifecycle Management Capabilities

Technology alliance between providers delivers PLM functionality, search and classification capabilities

Technology alliance between providers delivers PLM functionality, search and classification capabilities

Sunnyvale and Orange, CA, Westford, MA — March 22, 2004 — Verity Inc. and MatrixOne Inc. today announced a strategic technology alliance to provide integration of Verity K2 Enterprise (K2E) advanced search and classification technologies with MatrixOne's product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions.

Verity and MatrixOne have joined forces with the vdR Group, a long time MatrixOne partner in software development and systems integration, to deploy the new PLM offering into a successful production environment at Connexion by Boeing, a mobile Internet service provider and business unit of Boeing.

Connexion by Boeing provides in-flight broadband connectivity services for private and executive aircraft and to several of the world's major airlines. The MatrixOne solution is being used to manage the product development through support life cycle for the systems associated with its global service that allows travelers to connect to the Internet while airborne.

By adding Verity's search and classification capabilities to MatrixOne's PLM solutions, MatrixOne said its customers would be able to search, browse and retrieve any content within their MatrixOne application.

"The ability to use the Verity K2E intellectual capital management capabilities to search and retrieve accurate information about the systems and components that comprise our high-speed communications service infrastructure enhances our ability to deliver a quality end-user experience, while helping to ensure we meet key customer delivery deadlines," said Connexion by Boeing configuration data management manager Ron Gentry. "We are pleased to have that capability and to have Verity and MatrixOne as valued members of our Connexion by Boeing team."

The K2E/MatrixOne Integration was developed by the vdR Group and utilizes the best practices from MatrixOne's PLM solutions and Verity K2E. The integration adheres to both MatrixOne and Verity development standards and operates on standard enterprise operating systems.

Verity K2E's real-time indexing capability enables users to search and retrieve this information as soon as it is created or modified. Verity's Parametric Selection feature also permits users to quickly sort and filter information by selecting pre-set parameters, which enables users to accurately locate relevant content.

Verity's flexible content classification capabilities permit organization of large amount of diverse information into relevant taxonomies or 'views.' Verity K2E also supports multiple languages to allow global organizations using the MatrixOne solutions to index, classify, search and retrieve information in more than 70 business languages.

The Verity K2E/MatrixOne integration is immediately available for all MatrixOne users.

Connexion by Boeing, recipient of the 2003 World Travel Award for World's Leading High-Speed Internet Services Provider, brings broadband Internet, data and entertainment connectivity to travelers.

The Boeing business unit recently announced a high-speed connectivity solution for the business aviation market, and definitive service agreements with Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines System, ANA and Japan Airlines to equip their long-haul aircraft with the mobile connectivity service.

In addition, Singapore Airlines, China Airlines and Kingdom Holding Co. have announced their intent to install the Connexion by Boeing system on their long-range aircraft.